AndWePresent provides career development resources that help you prepare for interviews and other professional opportunities. RES/SYNC is a service under AndWePresent that provides career development and job readiness resources in the forms of worksheets, presentations, panel discussions, and professional headshot photography. To view all of our career development worksheets CLICK HERE.


College Readiness


Through our college readiness worksheets, we address concepts such as preparing for the ACT and filling out college applications, to learning how to utilize your FASFA and strengthening study habits. To view all of our college readiness worksheets CLICK HERE.



Public Speaking


From presenting in the classroom to giving a speech in front of a group of 500 people, public speaking is becoming more or a requirement, and there are more and more opportunities available for it. From some of the experts, we give you the secrets to performing and what you can do to grab (and keep) an audience’s attention. To view all of our public speaking worksheets CLICK HERE.



Financial Preparedness


Money management is extremely important in today’s society. From learning about increasing and maintaining your credit score to choosing the right investment, we touch on topics that help you learn about the importance of financial stability and making smart decisions with your money. To view all of our financial preparedness worksheets CLICK HERE.



professional dev


Professional development is the key to success! It is what pushes us further in the professional world and makes us the business minded students and professionals we are today. From dinner etiquette tips to creating your elevator speech, we provide resources that helps to set you apart and allow you to stand out as a professional. To view all of our professional development worksheets CLICK HERE.





We have all heard of the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” But to meet certain people, you need to take initiative by starting conversations and take advantage of networking events. AndWePresent provides resources focusing on holding a professional conversation through email, and how to navigate your way through a networking social. To view all of our networking resources CLICK HERE.