Our Mission is to create solutions that transcend the future of education. Our Demographics consist of high school and college students ages 16-24 years old. Our Partners consist of parents, education practitioners, and other professionals who work with students, and are looking to become abreast on inspiration factors and ways to enhance student engagement. Our Neighborhood covers the Chicagoland area of Illinois.

AndWePresent is dedicated to transcending education and increasing engagement in and outside of the classroom. We conduct research on student engagement in relation to retention and graduation rates of high school and college students. Our research helps to innovate education practitioners and create ideas that consistently engage students through new forms of learning.

Issues We Have Identified
  • Factors that can be considered barriers such as financial hardship, poverty in an individuals’ place of residence, and a minimal level of education affect students’ accessibility to resources related to career, academic, and professional development.
  • Lack of engagement in the classroom occurs when students not only have challenges relating to and comprehending the material, but also by the way the material is delivered by the instructor.
  • There is an information gap that occurs when students prepare to enter the professional setting as they exit college. Concepts such as credit management, interview preparation, and professional branding & networking are essential professional development pieces that are not emphasized in institutions’ curricula.
  • Barriers such as lack of experience, lack of competencies, or challenges articulating skills sets prevent individuals from successfully obtaining employment in the workforce. The lack of preparation affects professional and career opportunities for students.