Innovative Community: AndWePresent, Inc. has taken initiative to not only work with expert research institutions like Harvard University, but has built a community of forward-thinkers who can push the culture of education to the next level. We take pride in our creative think-tank that is composed of small business owners, artists, entertainers, instructors, doctors, paralegals, and entrepreneurs to deliver solutions that will shape the next generation of education.


Popular Culture & Education: It is important to stay abreast on how students learn and the challenges they face in the classroom. It is even more crucial to understand what inspires them, what drives them, and what they are passionate about. AndWePresent, Inc. continuously works to stay connected on what students are interested in and what is current in today’s society. Popular culture has, and always will be, one of the most influential forces of our generation. It affects how we perceive the world, and many times, how the world perceives us. Through surveying, focus groups and observation methods, AndWePresent, Inc. stays connected with students by consistently gathering information on their interests and what they find appealing. As we determine what inspires them outside of the classroom, we are able to slowly integrate those same concepts inside the classroom to increase their level of passion for education.


Dedication & Integrity: AndWePresent, Inc. prides itself with seeking out individuals who genuinely have a passion for education and are student-centered driven. Our team is inspired by wanting to help students pursue their passion and receive the best educational experience year after year. We face challenges head on and are proactive with finding solutions to issues that have caused students to not return to school for various reasons. The advantage of having new professionals and veteran professionals on our team is that we are able to utilize diverse perceptions to create solutions that are beneficial to both education practitioners and their students. We understand the constant emergence of new paradigms in education and our team continues to work around the clock to provide supportive resources that allow students to demonstrate academic success consistently.