Jon De Pledge-No Sense

His name is JoN De PLedge (JDP) 26, a hip hop artist and songwriter from the rough streets of Chicago. Born Jeremy Demar Johnson he was raised on the west side of Chicago surrounded by crime yet, he was a true listener of positive music. Music that could make some dance and others uplift the people in the communities. Growing up he listened to Heavy D , A Tribe Called Quest, NAS, JAY-Z and so on. But his most biggest inspiration to pursue a music career was Kanye West, helping him to believe that even in a city where no one supports one another, and the struggles of getting local radio to play your music, there is some hope.

JoN De PLedge has been making a big splash as of late since being on MTV and VH1 for a music video & song called “Feel Good Music” a smooth track featuring a fellow Chicagoan named D-flaire. The song was released off the mixtape The Variety Show where he and his group “Uptown Celebrities” shook up social media as well as Chicago when tracks like ‘On my Head’ featuring GLC was dropped.

Around the fall of 2012 JDP dropped a SOULFUL EP titled “SouL’D OuT” and mesmerized fans with a heartfelt song called SOUL CRY. Although he still promotes all his music, his recent focus is his latest mixtape he is finishing up called SuPa CooL. This will be his best work as of yet bringing back the roots of Hip Hop while still capturing the modern day listeners ears with his deep soothing voice. JoN De PLedge is a true artist at what he does and is just looking forward to making his mark in history to be remembered as one of the greatest to ever hit the music scene.



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