High Honors Femme Fatale Performer: Belladonna Devereux

Belladonna Devereux, first emerged on the Chicago hip-hop scene at the age of 17 performing at local spots like, Subterranean and Reggie’s Rock Club. Before introducing herself to the world as a rapper, Bella was only writing and doing spoken word pieces. Eventually, that spiraled into too much more; and to date she has released her first mixtape, “Midnight x Dreamer” and the latest complication is her self entitled EP, “Belladonna Devereux”. For more on Belladonna Devereux, check out her website http://www.belladonnadevereux.com/.

Belladonna will be performing at FEMME FATALE on Thursday, November 6th at Subterranean in Chicago, IL.



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