A Confident Woman Has The Heart Of A Queen

woman crown

Centuries ago, Greek philosopher Aristotle said that each person is made with a unique set of potentials that are just waiting to be fulfilled. Each and every one of us are different and we all have a variety of talents. As women, we love to compare ourselves to our friends. The thing is, we should be focusing less on others and more fulfilling our goals. Know that God has a purpose for your life. Don’t worry about others and continue doing what makes you happy. Remember the only individuals you have to please are yourself and God!

-K.C. Thomas


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  1. SJF says:

    As a new follower I’d like to say I enjoy your commentary and views immensely. However, as a “Confident Woman” myself I feel there are times in life when we need and do have the desire to please others such as your mate, parents, even your boss (if you wish to keep your job). The bible says “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Ultimately pleasing others IS pleasing God…..just my opinion


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