Naturi Naughton dishes on “POWER” Finale

Naturi“Power” is a breakthrough drama from Starz that shows us a different perspective of New York. 50 Cent is a producer of the show and that allows us to get a glimpse of the real life gritty streets that the city has to offer. It has received rave reviews and has already been renewed for a 2nd season. And We Present got the chance to speak with one of the stars of the show, Naturi Naughton who shed some light on her character Tasha St.Patrick.
Tasha St. Patrick and her husband James St Patrick also known as “Ghost” live a lavish lifestyle in NYC. But, it wasn’t always that way..she grew up in Queens and together her and Ghost became hustlers. Ghost built a king pin drug ring and then invested his money into a nightclub. That nightclub became popular in a short amount of time and Ghost has to choose which avenue to focus on, the one that works for him or a new venture. Tasha, the strong ride or die chick manages to balance being street edgy but also a loving wife and mother to their 3 children. As time passes their king and queen relationship begins to waver and Ghost reconnects with a past love.Naturi Power
So, the fans are left wondering? What’s going to happen with this street royal couple?  Naturi did shut one thing down: Tasha and Shaun are not going to happen.She just uses her sexuality as a hustle and makes her own “power” moves. Who knows more about Ghost’s whereabouts than his driver?  What will she do with the information she has? All of these questions, but Naturi was tight-lipped about the answers. She wants us to wait and see.  But one thing that we do know, is that the woman can sing! She showcased her talent on the most recent episode and she wanted us to know that she’s in the studio working on new material. So that’s exciting! But let’s get back to Tasha. She wants to fight for her marriage, but she also has to be happy with herself. So, in the end will it be Tasha and Ghost, Ghost and Angie, or just Tasha? We hope to get some answers this Saturday night when the season finale of Power airs on Starz. Also, look out for our exclusive interview from Naturi coming up soon!

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