Malina Moye: Paying it Forward

Malina Moye 3

Malina Moye is a rare breed. As a child she picked up her father’s guitar only to find that it didn’t fit naturally with her left-handed motor skills. So she flipped it. Now Moye is the first left-handed upside down female guitar player endorsed by Fender guitars.

That is just one of the many ways that Malina has made the best out of the cards life dealt her. As a businesswoman (owner of WCE Records), guitarist, singer/songwriter, and fashion fanatic, Moye has accomplished a lot in life to say the least.

Her story was not always trimmed in fancy outfits and accolades, on the contrary, like most rising to the top, this superwoman has admitted to experiencing failures before making her mark in the music industry.

Homeless in LA with just $20, Moye was determined to get to where she is now and “make something happen” in her life. The starving-artist slept in her car with clothes over her head, a Bible and knife, and washed up in gas stations. “It’s amazing how when you feel like you’ve lost everything, God will put a person in your path where you go ‘Oh my God I needed that so much.’” The person that was put in Malina Moye’s path goes by the name Deidra Powell, a friend of Moye’s and fellow entrepreneur, who told her that after playing her record for a friend he wanted to meet Ms. Moye. That mysterious friend turned out to be none other than Stevie Wonder. Wonder and Moye stayed connected and she was later asked to play at his birthday party. “I’m always the kind of person that is like “Pay it forward,’ because that’s how you get here,” Malina says of her success.

Malina Moye 2

In those tough times those around her motivated her, such as her mother. “Her determination, her ambition,” Malina says of her mother, along with her father’s characteristics and the passion of other artists who inspired her, molded Malina into the performer she is today.

“I look at the Princes and Michael Jacksons, and even when they were doing music, I am more than positive they had encountered so many problems.” Those thoughts and realizations are what motivated Malina to push past the hurdles she encountered climbing up her mountain to success.

Malina admits to being inspired by the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Sly and the Family Stone, as well as rock legends Led Zeppelin. “I think some of the most innovative people are the ones who subliminally give you some kind of message and you can really hear what’s going on,” Malina says of some of the artists mentioned above.   And that was what the songwriter did with her song Hustler’s Blues, which sings the anthem of someone who has been beaten up by life and is still trying to make something of themselves. Moye says the song is most definitely written from experience. “I didn’t care if anybody liked the record or not, I was like this is how I feel.”

One of Malina Moye’s missions is to encourage young lives to realize that everything is possible. Which certainly seems to ring true in Malina’s life. She is endorsed by Fender, won “The Next Generation” award at the She Rocks Awards ceremony, and was voted amongst the Grammy’s Best Dressed this year by E!Online and in 2012. Currently Moye is gearing up to go overseas to start another tour, then will be an opener in Australia this fall. She is traveling the world doing what she loves to do and inspiring others to do the same.   “Not matter what I never compromised myself, I walked through the storms and because I can do it, you can do it, too.”


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    • Meredythe says:

      Malina Moye is so talented, kind & generous. She is #TheRealDeal.
      She deserves all the best things in life & she is the most hard-working woman. She believes that all things are possible if one works hard & is a good, kind soul. I wish more people in the entertainment industry were as honorable as she is.


  7. Patty Cake says:


    Per Bootsy Collins Wife via Facbook:
    5/7, 2:32pm
    Peppermint-Patti Bootsy-Girls
    Thank you for letting me know. Bootsy recorded a song with Malina but did not intended to perform live with her on Arsenio Hall.
    It was false advertisement
    My apologies,
    First of all, Malina lied to the Arsenio Hall Staff and booked herself on the show, using Bootsy name by saying that they were both going to be on the show together, but in reality Bootsy did not even know he was suppose to be on the show at all!! in fact he didn’t find out until a week after Malina was on!!

    Second, she was mad at the Arsenio Hall staff because at the end of the show they cut her song off completely hahahahaha!!! so she called up to the show and threatened to sue them… then they responded back by telling her that they found out she lied on Bootsy, and that he did not agree to be on the show with her!! so she committed fraud!!! hahahahaha!!! MALINA IS BLACK LISTED WITH THE REAL MOVERS AND SHAKERS OF HOLLYWOOD!!

    The bottom line is that Arsenio Hall would not have had her on the show BECAUSE NONE OF HER MUSIC HAS CHARTED!! NONE!! THATS WHY SHE LIED AND BOOKED HERSELF ON THE SHOW WITH Bootsy, the only reason they agreed to have her on the show was for her and Bootsy, to perform TOGETHER with Arsenio’s Band, but here is the killer part!! Bootsy had not spoken to Malina in months so there was no way he was going to perform with her!! MALINA MOYE IS NICKEL SLICK AND FAKE AS A 4 DOLLAR BILL!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      The bottom portion of the comment came from ME Patty Cake and NOT Bootsy Collins’ wife, Patti. Only the top portion is from Patti.


  8. Malina Moye is poised to be the next Superstar! Talented, beautiful and kind. She deserves all wonderful things to come her way.


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