Father’s Day: Back to Basics


Single Mothers are certainly people to be celebrated. Raising children is far from easy, so they deserve endless credit. But, why celebrate them on Father’s Day?

If your Mother is your superhero, give her extra praise on Mother’s Day; she deserves it. But, Father’s Day is about celebrating our amazing Dad’s. Every year I observe this day to be more about bringing attention to dead-beat Dad’s than actually showing appreciation for the noble Fathers that do exist. We need to cut this out.

I mean, I understand the intent behind it: single mothers have to step up and take on full responsibility when it comes to raising children. But, a woman can never truly take on the role of a Father….techincally, you know? Mothers and Fathers carry out unique roles and have different life lessons to offer – no parent’s role or lessons are superior to the other, by any means. They are simply different.

As a major Daddy’s girl who adores all of her uncles, I think it’s about time we get back to the true purpose of Father’s Day. Now, as I write this article, I’m aware of my own privilege. I’m lucky enough to have grown up with an incredible Dad. I realize that this isn’t a reality for many others. In the past, and today as I’m constantly meeting new people, it’s always heart breaking to learn how many of my friends grew up without a Father.

Instead of re-opening painful emotional wounds or wishing your Mother a happy Father’s Day, look to any positive male figures in your life and celebrate them. As a society, often times, we tend to focus on the lack of positive role models – which is real and something to think critically about; however, in the midst of that focus, we lose sight of the fact that there are tons of amazing men spreading love and serving as wonderful role models. Let’s recognize them.

I can see it now: Facebook posts that read: Father’s Day is just another day for me. While that may be an unfair truth for some, it doesn’t mean that these individuals should bask in anger and bitterness. Celebrate the worthy Father-like figures around you, and if you don’t have a single person in mind, be happy for others. Fathers are a great gift. In life, we aren’t always blessed with the same gifts as the others around us. If you’re reading this, it means that you are living – the greatest gift.

Last year, before logging into social media sites, I had to brace myself for the shot outs to single Mothers and the jokes about absent Fathers. This year, I would love to see those shot outs be put on hold until Mother’s Day and for those memes and jokes to be put to an end; they do nothing but glorify dead-beats dads. Also, have you ever seen anyone wish their single Dad a happy Mother’s Day? No. Please, let’s stop the madness.

Holidays like these can be tough when a person’s family life isn’t ideal. But, I encourage you to dig deeper and to appreciate the amazing men of our society. Good men don’t get enough credit. This Father’s Day, I hope more people will join me in honoring the great Father’s, and positive male figures, with every ounce of respect they deserve!



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