LEDISI: Beauty of The Truth


51pk62z1iBL._SL500_AA280_Her melodies, lyrical content and the fact that she does what she wants can be attributed to the many reasons Ledisi has led a career designed and tailored specifically for her art and the stories she chooses to share.

Catering to old school, new school, jazz, and a dash of hip-hop, 10 albums in the game, her light still beams with versatility.  Her lyrical ambition and storytelling display all stages of womanhood: sensual, rhythmic, mystical, talented, funny, laid-back and always-in control.

“No one ever tells me what to do on my albums. I came into the record industry that way,” says the singer/songwriter. “Everything that happens, everything that everyone sees, they can blame it on me. Everything I do is natural.”

Wrapping up rounds on her 30-city “Truth Tour” with Robert Glasper, Ledisi feels that although her truth is presented on every album, this latest project bears all, leaving behind the metaphors and safety nets to bring forth what was once reserved.

“Everything I am now is what I’ve been hiding. The only challenges were how people would process things. But, I can’t control people; I just have to be who I am.”

On stage, the songstress who has spawned eight Grammy nominations, authored ‘Better Than Alright’ in partnership with Essence Magazine and headlined three tours, exudes a confidence and freedom that comes along with knowing you are feeding your purpose. There’s beauty within that, a purity that glows through every note and movement.

She reveals “The Truth Tour” is nothing like she’s ever done before in terms of performance. “It’s not regular. I’m interactive with the audience. It’s one of the hardest tours I’d ever had to do because it requires a lot of me.”

Ledisi’s first single from “The Truth” album,  ‘I Blame You’ is clever in its title wordplay.  Never one to male-bash, the artist reverses the usual insinuation when you hear the word ‘blame.’ Instead, the up-tempo track verbally splurges on the love that she is experiencing from another.

“I wanted to celebrate love because I feel that there are great men out there who treat women awesomely. As well as women who treat themselves awesomely.”

Make no mistakes. Ledisi knows what she wants and has been trailblazing the industry on her terms.

And We Present caught up with the songstress during an intimate Lexus sponsored Verses and Flow performance at the Chicago Illuminating Co.




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