Impact Makars: Never Needed Recognition



Laritta Bryant Impact Statement

During my college career, I felt that I have done a lot of things that I deserved RECOGNITION for. While reflecting on this question,”How do you make an impact?” it had me think of what my motives were for doing what I did. Did I become a Community Advisor,mentor, and all these other wonderful things just to get RECOGNITION?! No! I did it because I wanted to help others.I did it because people looked up to me.I did it so that I can build up in my own personal growth and development.The bottom picture shows 3 of my residents during my Fall”12-Spring “13 school year. The theme that year was “Pass the Torch” and even though I payed that theme NO MIND, I realize NOW that one of my assignments for that semester was to pass on the knowledge that I had from my previous year as a C.A. to my residents who wanted to become one that following year. In that year not only did I help them in that process, having them in my life helped me learn a lot about myself as well. It gave me great joy that all 3 of them became C.A.’s the following school year and are making an IMPACT in their own living communities. I didn’t need recognition because seeing others succeed was enough gratitude for me! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with receiving recognition because it gives me that extra push from time to time, but I’m not supposed to do it for that..I do it cause I’m supposed to(in my Drake voice) @impactmakars #makeyourselfknown #impactmakars


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