Impact Makars: For The People

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Impact Statement 

When you make an impact on somebody’s life, you irrevocably change him or her whether positive or negative. He or she leads a different life or has a different set of goals from before meeting you.

From the years 1991 to 1994 my mom had three pregnancies and gave birth to four children. I was the second born, first son… and the only one to survive. Why did I survive? What made me so special as to deserve the gift of life? Questions like these do not have simple answers, or sometimes are never answered at all. Going into college I thought I had my whole life planned out. However, like the majority I was totally wrong. One day I woke up and found myself unemployed in college, weighing 420 pounds, and on the verge of flunking out. I hit the lowest point of my life and had to constantly fight for determination. I wondered was any of it worth it? That was until April 12th 2012, the day I almost died from pneumonia. That was the turning point I needed and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. The near death experience was like being reborn. It took away part of my old life and gave me a new one. It was then I realized my purpose. I realized as hard as I fought for every breath during my recovery was as hard as I needed to want to make something of myself. I knew I could make an #Impact on the world and be great.

Consequently, I learned I am not only living life for myself but for those around me. I went on to lose over 120+ pounds. Additionally, I am one year away from graduating, and in the first six months of working my first official job I was promoted. It is all because I make an #IMPACT for the mother who gave all she had for me to have a future. For the father who did not leave me to be another statistic and showed me what a real man was. For my older half-sister who I love dearly, but we grew up in different homes. For my younger brother and sister who fight day in and day out with legitimate ailments, but never give up. For the grandmother whose life was taken by cancer. For the friends I have seen struggle alongside me, but keep hope alive. For my sisters who guard me every day from above. I do all I can for every single person I meet. If you need me, I will be there regardless if you are at your highest or lowest. I want people to remember Antonio not for what he has done for himself, but for the #IMPACT he has had on others.#ImpactMakars #MakeYourselfKnown @JAMAEL_MAKAR_CLARK @ImpactMakars


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