Impact Makars: Future Dr. Rhoads

Future Dr. Rhoads
Bailey Rhoads Impact Statement 

It is important to remember that this is not a story of pity, it’s a story of happiness. My very own story filled with chapters of passion, struggle, hope, fear, and miracles. My story of how I make an #impact.

In 2011, at 17 years old, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At 17, I was still considered to be a pediatric patient which landed me at St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. For many months I sat in the waiting room surrounded by sick babies and children. I saw the faces of the worn out parents sick in a way that can sometimes be worse than illness-sick from broken hearts and sadness. I had always known I had wanted to be Dr. Rhoads, but it was the struggling patients and desperate parents that made me realize that I, Bailey Rhoads, was going to make an #impact by becoming a pediatric oncologist, but the question was…where should I start? When I came to NIU I immediately got involved in a lab in the biology building that was focused on cancer research. I have been contributing to the cure ever since, growing more and more in love with what I do every day. Doing what I am meant to do, doing what I love.

So how do I make an #impact? By striving for greatness. By remembering the struggling faces. By being a part of the cure. By never giving up on my dreams. By sharing my story. And lastly, by being a survivor. #ImpactMakars #MakeYourselfKnown @JAMAEL_MAKAR_CLARK @ImpactMakars



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