Impact Makars: Taking the Black Male Initiative to Give Back


Tre Whittaker Impact Impact Statement: #makeyourselfknown I make myself known by being myself,outgoing,and being approachable to people. I help and give back not because it feels good, but because I know the feeling of not having things and a lot of help throughout my life. Black Male Initiative has helped me to continue to strive for better things. I wake up with the goals of becoming a better man than I was the day before for I’m representing my town and community. I’m an example of the message I’m trying to send to the single parent children out there. No matter what obstacle is in front of you, YOU CAN MAKE IT. The only person that can stop you is you. I’m very proud of my accomplishments and humble that god has given me the chance to get a better education here at NIU. #stayencouraged and be the #change S/O to @lookatyaboy and @rileymatic for introducing me to Impact Makars. S/O to Jamael I. Clark for designing these sick shirts. Follow the movement and help make an impact here in the NIU and DeKalb community


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