Anesha Birchett Writing For The Stars

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“We’re finally getting ready to watch our flowers bloom after so much hard work over the past few years to be recognized and respected as real musical songwriters. Universal is great, I enjoy being a part of Universal a lot. We are allowed to be who we are and that’s what’s most important to any creator,” Anesha Birchett excitedly explained. She and her sister Antea Shelton signed with Universal Music Publishing as songwriters in 2009.

28-year-old Birchett is 5’4 with giant-sized aspirations and even bigger accomplishments. Around junior year of high school, she was already making valuable connections with celebrities and being given great opportunities. Largely influenced by her father’s involvement as a R&B singer in her hometown of Detroit, Birchett has been singing since the tender age of three. Her father had her around some of Motown’s most prominent singers, before the label relocated to California.

Although she and Shelton have really paved quite the path for themselves as a songwriters, Birchett admits that singing is her first love. She writes her own songs and enjoys sharing her music and burying her soul. “I feel my most self, I feel the most comfortable, I feel the most vulnerable and it’s just a feeling you can’t explain,” she said. Songwriting is the talent that has landed her a significant role in the music industry and coincidentally, Birchett happened upon this skill accidentally. She and her sisters were a gospel group in Detroit as children, but then her oldest sister went off to college leaving Birchett and Shelton to continue without her.  “We started doing music and writing and stuff together and it just started working. I’m more of a melody driven writer. It’s like my creative outlet, I enjoy it. It’s my job, and it’s a job that I love and it just so happens that the right people have heard our stuff and it’s created an income—a life and a lot of great opportunities for me,” said Birchett.

Birchett and Shelton work together as a songwriting duo known as APLUS, and together, have worked with a wide range of talents in the music industry.  During the earlier stages of their career, they signed with Rodney Darkchild” Jerkins and had the opportunity to work in the “Darkchild” house.  They have written and vocal produced for many big name artists. Among a few of those, they’ve worked with are Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Brandy, the latter of which was a dream come true for Anesha seeing that Brandy was one of her biggest inspirations. They vocal produced Jennifer Lopez’s, “One Love” which was on her “Love?” album and even vocal produced Justin Bieber’s “Favorite Girl’ when he was about 13.  Birchett recalls them having fun eating chicken wings and playing on her computer during their session.

About seven years ago, they  wrote a song titled “Thank you”, which was recently released on the debut album of 2013 American Idol winner, Candice Glover. Birchett admits she was very attached to this song because it was  passionately written from her own experiences.   Although grateful for the opportunity, it was difficult for her to let the song go. “I had my moments or whatever, but I ended up giving the song up and Glover ended up cutting it, and actually did a great job on it,” she explained. Birchett will still perform “Thank you”  however.

While she has enjoyed writing songs for others, she does hope to release her own music on a mainstream level within the next five years, and hopes to tour and perform on a regular basis. She hopes to have more song placements and to write for more established artists. She would love for her songs to be charting on Billboard’s “Hot 100’s” and R&B /Soul charts.

When asked what advice she could give to others who are trying to follow their dreams, she responded saying, “It’s important to be a sponge. It’s important to have patience and realize that whatever your purpose is supposed to be stay true to that and climb the ladder accordingly and remain humble no matter what you’re doing. No matter what you do, never let it get the best of you or define you.  it’s just a stepping stone.”

Her 2014 New Year’s Resolution is, “I want to always remain true, I want to be honest and I just want to be authentic in everything that I do,” explained Birchett.  It’s clear that her authenticity has already gotten her pretty far, and we’re sure this is still just the beginning.

Birchett currently lives in Michigan, but is thinking of relocating to Nashville. “You move all over the place when you do this kind of stuff,” she explained. No matter where she lives, she travels wherever she needs to go to get her work done. “I consider myself a functional migrate. Anywhere that I’m needed in the country to write and work, I get there.”

You can follow Anesha on Twitter and Instagram at @AneshaIsAPlus, and like her on Facebook at


Check out Anesha’s latest release, Can’t Go For That


Here’s another song penned by Birchett titled Broke


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