Dani Ivory Accompanying The Stars

On a sunny afternoon, I had the pleasurable experience of interviewing the multi-talented Dani Ivory. Most notable for  working with world renown artist such as Ce-Lo Green and Beyonce, Ivory’s abilities as a classically trained singer, Dani Ivory Forever Yours Artwork

guitarist and pianist has positioned her to live her dreams alongside on some of the biggest stages in the world . One of the biggest platforms being the 2013 Super Bowl half time performance, where she accompanied Beyonce and the rest of her all female band on the keys.. AndWePresent got the chance to see other sides of Dani during the interview, and I must say she is talented, a fresh air of inspiration and a girl who is living her life to the fullest.

Dani, who grew up in Pennsylvania, has always had a love for music, mostly because she grew up in ehouse where her mom was a  musician and dad who was very musically orientated. Music continued to brew in her as she attended classical music performances and symphonies as a child. It’s not much of a coincidence that her life is now all about music. After her high school graduation she went to college to study science. Toward the end of her college career, she had a gut feeling to follow her music aspirations in life.

Dani wanted to become a solo artist and do things with musical instruments. Lucky enough, she made the right decision. After performing several nights a week as a musician, she finally started picking up gigs and booking shows. She began to tour with Scarlet fever, Ce-Lo green and many other rock bands. She even had the opportunity to open up for Prince at Madison Square Garden. Having accomplished working with these artist she knew there was more for her. As she began to re-start her solo career as an artist, she got a phone call one evening asking if she wanted to be a keyboardist for an artist. She had to be free on New years eve going into 2013 and the Superbowl. She said, she was free and asked who the artist was.  To her surprise,  It was Beyonce. She was in so much of a shock that “I completely dropped the phone,” stated Ivory.  Of course she replied in a heart beat with an excited, “Yes!”. She went on to travel with Beyonce on the Mrs. Carter World Tour, and even danced alongside the Queen Bey in her Blow video off of her self-titled visual album that was unexpectedly released this past December.

Dani enjoys working with Beyonce and the whole entire team, including the all female band. “I feel empowered working with so many talented people,” she admits.. She really enjoyed  touring on the Mrs. Carter World Tour because she loves seeing the world. “I enjoy the cultures and the people, and how they react to music,” said Ivory.  Although Dani does miss home, she says “Touring with Beyonce is so fun, and organized. Everyone is like a family because we’re together so much. The whole experience has been breathtaking and very magical and I’m learning so much.”

In February, Dani headlined her own showcase in L.A. at the Troubadour, where she performed her original music from her EP, Forever Yours, for the first time before an audience that included Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny’s Child), Jordin Sparks (American Idol Winner & star of Sparkle), and Amber Riley (Glee).  The event was hosted by actress and comedian, Brely Evans, and was a huge success.  Her music is now available on all digital retailers, and she has enjoyed the overwhelming love that she has received since releasing her music.

For more information on Dani, check out her official website, www.DaniiVory.com.  Ivory also invited AWP into her home, and showed us around a little bit! Take a peek at the experience below.

Check out Dani’s single, Forever, featuring Diamond from Crime Mob.





Dani Ivory Logo


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