Syesha Mercado: An Open Road To Happiness

Syesha Mercado is no stranger to the syesha mercado-andwepresentstage.  Following her introduction to fans as second runner up on American Idol’s season 7, she enjoyed successes on stage as an off-Broadway talent, as well as a vocal sensation, both on and off stage.  Syesha’s vocal prowess earned her nearly 2 million YouTube views for her cover of Beyonce’s “Love on Top”, exposing her to a crowd beyond her American Idol following.  She’s now reached the pinnacle of her success, venturing into territory she’s only dreamt about since she was a little girl.

Syesha is currently starring in Broadway’s “The Book of Mormon”.   Having just ended a tour of the same production with a different theater company, Syesha describes her first appearance on Broadway as “a dream come true.  I’ve been wanting to be on Broadway since I was a little girl, so I was definitely going through the motions when I was on stage,” she says describing opening night.

Syesha studied theater at Florida International University, and attended Booker High Visual and Performing Arts Center.  She maintains voice lessons in New York.  With all her training, she continues to prepare for what’s to come.  “When you’ve been doing something for a long time, it can feel like you’re doing the mundane,” she says of performing.  “What I do to keep it fresh and to keep it new is just stay grateful and to just remember that this is a dream of mine, and that for me keeps it fresh and exciting so that every night when I step on stage, it feels new” she says.

Prior to her offer to star in the Broadway hit, she admits to a state of discouragement while waiting to book her next gig. Let’s just say, the offer came RIGHT on time. Her motivation to herself is “just the thought of where I am right now and how this has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.”  In a business where opportunities come unexpectedly, she feels both “blessed” and “happy” to be excelling in her career.

“I was on a bit of a vacation when [Book of Mormon] came along,” she says.  “I just evaluate what’s the best thing to do and decide based on where my heart is.”  Since her transition to New York, Syesha has maintained her usual health decisions, staying wrapped up in the harsh winter and carrying her fruit juicer wherever she goes.  “I try to stick to a specific diet that allows me to be comfortable when I’m singing onstage.  When I tend to eat a diet that doesn’t work well with my body, it affects me on stage.”

Syesha continues to write music and perform when she isn’t on Broadway.  She believes in doing whatever you feel in your heart.  “I’m really big on doing what I feel,” she says of her eating and style choices.  “When you don’t do what your heart wants to do, that’s when you’re really unhappy and I like to be happy in life,” she chuckles.  With the progress that her career has seen, Syesha is sure to be happy for years and milestones to come.

Check out Syesha’s cover of Beyonce’s “Love On Top” which has received over 2 Million hits on YouTube!


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