Tasha Page-Lockhart: True Reflections

Tasha Page Lockhart AndWePresent1Struggle is expressed in different ways by different people.  For Sunday’s Best season 6 winner Tasha Page-Lockhart, struggle is expressed through her praise.  Many witnessed the strength of her voice and the power of her witness as a contestant on BET’s Sunday’s Best, but few have discovered the story behind her praise—her struggle.

Tasha Page-Lockhart grew up on the stage, traveling and touring from a young age.  The daughter of famous gospel singer Lisa Page-Brooks, many expected her to continue her journey as a singer into adulthood.  “I never really had a desire to be on a competition show,” she explains of her reasons for not auditioning prior to season 6.  Friends encouraged her to audition for the first five seasons of the show, but she didn’t feel like she was good enough to compete.  “I mean, I knew I could sing, but I don’t sing like Le’Andria [Johnson] or Y’anna Crawley,” she says, referring to the winners of seasons three and two, respectively.  “I was comparing myself to other people, and I didn’t have the confidence to go [audition].”

After some encouragement from a good friend and fundraising from her church, she auditioned and passed several rounds to the top 10.  While many expected her to use her musical family as leverage to break out as a solo artist, Tasha stands firm that: “It doesn’t matter who you are related to, sometimes God will send you another route.  He will take you on an alternate route…for him to be able to get all of the glory.”  Tasha’s alternate route didn’t stop at her music career.

While traveling and performing background vocals for famous R&B singers, she found herself involved in a drug-abusing, promiscuous three-year cycle that not only threatened to end her relationship with her then long-time boyfriend, it was beginning to ruin her Christian walk.  “I enjoyed living a life of sin.  I bought into that entire lifestyle,” she says.  It was when her fiancé, now husband, left her in Detroit for Atlanta, that she realized she needed a change.  She’s thankful that after visiting Atlanta and never returning home, she received the word she needed to abandon that lifestyle cold turkey.  “My life is a testimony of restoration,” she says.

Tasha is one of a kind.  She is the only Sunday’s Best winner to release her solo debut album under Kirk Franklin’s label, Fo Yo Soul Recording label.  Tasha presents a warm, loving side to gospel music that elevates her.  Kirk Franklin even joked, “we’ve been introduced to a new genre tonight: Christian, baby-making music,” after Tasha’s performance of  “You Bring Out the Best in Me.  “I thank God for allowing me to be a part of his team,” she says.  “He’s a musical genius,” she says of Franklin.  “It’s incredible how he’s able to capture the essence of Tasha.”

Although a release date has not been set for her debut album, fans can expect a true reflection of Tasha’s testimony and some overall great music.  She’s excited to continue studio time with Kirk Franklin, and promises fans that they will not be disappointed.


Check out Tasha’s performance of “You Bring Out the Best in Me”


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