Blair Perkins: So Much in Store

Blair Perkins InterviewSo charming and humble is Blair Perkins. Known for his YouTube covers of celebrities like Beyonce’, Usher, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys, Perkins has been making an impression on the music scene for a while. In between doing covers on YouTube and small shows around Los Angeles, he has been waiting for the right opportunity and the right people to work with. Aside from that, one of his main missions is to just make people happy.

What makes Perkins standout on YouTube is the fact that he didn’t want to start his YouTube channel. By the time Perkins entertained the idea of YouTube, he had already won over 15 awards and showcases for his live performances and singing, which he has been doing since the age of nine. He eventually ended up starting his channel off of the recommendations from family and friends. “I had gotten some new studio equipment and I was testing it out. I was doing covers to match the quality of my recording to the actual record. My first one was Usher, “Caught Up”. People started viewing my videos and I started gaining views.”

One of Perkins most recognizable fans is, Beyonce’. After doing a cover for her, “1 +1” song, her team reached out and let him know that she had seen his cover and loved it. Currently, that video has over one million views. But, Beyonce’ isn’t the only celebrity that has reached out to Perkins, “I remember that I did a cover for Melanie Fiona and she reached out, Donnell Jones, he reached out and whenever I do a cover, my YouTube fan base will reach out to their team and tweet the celebrities themselves. I did a cover for Brandy and she DM’d me on Twitter,” he says. Not only has he received recognition from music artists, but Perkins has been interviewed by Barbra Walters for his cover of, “We are the World,” with other YouTube sensations.

Shortly after gaining a YouTube fan base, Blair was shopping around for a few different records labels. He was aiming to find a label that could understand his vision of creating a real R&B album. “I was doing a lot of demos, really to land a deal and it didn’t work out in the end. But, out of all the demos that I did, plus the writing and recording, they were really for myself.” One of the songs he wrote during that time, “Made in the USA”, was heard by the management of Demi Lovato and that song landed on her album. Perkins says that it was a blessing in disguise.

Blair Perkins AndWePresent

One thing that he has noticed is that he has to make music that he loves, that he’s passionate about. At one point in Perkins journey, he was creating music with auto tune and doing covers that he really didn’t like, and to him, that took a toll on his creativity. Perkins explains, “When you do something that you don’t love, it doesn’t last.” From that point, Perkins has stayed focused on the music. In this new year, he wants to completely focus on his album and do more performances across the world. He’s even willing to step out of his comfort zone to create the music that he loves. “Sometimes when you do things out of your comfort zone, good things can come from it,” says Perkins.

So for the last three years, Blair has been focused on himself. He even received some advice from Stevie Wonder. He told Perkins, “Do what you want to do, don’t let anybody else tell you what you can do, just be the best at what you can do.” From the ground up, he has been putting in hard work, but he feels like he still has some work to do. Perkins says, “I’m grateful for what I have done, but I never feel content. My best highlight will be when I complete my album…My highlights will come when I get the chance to express what I really want to express. I need to complete this album for myself.”

Check out Blair singing his cover of Beyonce’s 1+1, which has received over 1.1 Million views to date!



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