7 Tips for Having a Successful Relationship in 2014


Compromise, sacrifice, and FUN. Some of the things that keep a successful relationship going. But don’t let the “Title” get to your head when you get it. Your work is far from over to keep that title.

1. Too Much Social Media Is BAD For You

We know how important it is to change your Facebook relationship status to “In a relationship with…” But really? Is it that important. Well if it is then more power to you. But the minute that you make your relationship public it becomes just that, public. Open access for people to give you advice, tell you what she’s doing wrong, tell you that he’s cheating on you. Do you really need all of that in your life? Keep the pictures to a minimum. Chances are, people don’t really care about the countless selfies of you two or they are saying something negative anyway out of spite right? Keep your relationship YOUR relationship.

2. Don’t Text Their Friends

Now you’re getting too comfortable. It just looks suspicious when you are having a conversation with the friend. Unless you have not heard from your significant other in a week (maybe not a week) or you are not trying to plan a surprise party for them, there is no reason to call/text the friend. You have your own friends to talk to.

3. Reveal Your Past….In Bits and Pieces

Everybody has things in their past that they have done or they may not be the proudest of. There is nothing wrong with revealing these past-life moments just be careful how you do it. Of course you may not be the person you are today that you use to be, so show that person that. Allow them to get to know your personality now so that when you begin to reveal things, they know that you are not that person anymore. At the same time, don’t let too much time go by before revealing who you use to be. Plus you wouldn’t want them hearing it from someone else.

4. Give Them Space

We’ve all heard of this one before and it may be the most important. Create some type of balance. You may be dangerously in love and never want to leave that person’s sight but the honeymoon phase only lasts so long. Do things independently. Read a book, take a walk by yourself, go hang out with your friends. Do everything except for suffocate your significant other.

5. More Nagging, Complaining, Being Appreciative

Nobody likes a nagger. It can mess up the whole day especially if what is being nagged about is so insignificant to the other person. Complaining is just annoying and will cause the other person to become distant from you. Can you blame them? Instead of complaining, throw more compliments in the conversation. It helps makes the other person feel appreciative and wanted. And even if you still can’t stop complaining after this, at least throw in a compliment to offset your 2-year old wining.

6. Don’t Try To Change Them

Change may be a good thing but let it happen on their own time. Don’t get into a relationship and expect a person to act how you want them to act. You are in a relationship because you like who they are already (hopefully). A person may change naturally from being around you for so long but it is not up to you to speed up the process. Try voicing your opinion instead of turning them into your own creation.

7. Have FUN!

Last but not least, make your relationship worthwhile. You need to make sure that you can at least have a good time with the person that you are in this relationship with. I’m not just talking about the typical dinner and a movie scene. I am talking about RANDOM and SPONTANEOUS. Go to a restaurant that you would not go to, take a painting class together, go to a museum or a comedy show. Take advantage of the fact that you always have someone to have fun with because you are in a relationship. But do more that the usual. Be creative.



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