Mums The Word…After You’re Heard

“Stress now or forever hold your grief”

Inspired by…SILENCE. Too many people are afraid to share their thoughts or feelings about something or someone because they fear negative reactions. We all need to learn how to utilize our voices to engineer our beliefs and ideas to one another. Break the silent treatment habit, whether its relationships or friendships you have to realize that shutting yourself down socially will not fix any unsolved problem. You don’t want to feel regretful by biting your tongue and by the time you decide to shatter your anti-social barrier it might be too late. Don’t expect that one person who was always there for you and willing to listen to your personal issues to tolerate your stubbornness. Use your voice mindfully and don’t get your vocal chords tied or wrapped up like a mummy. Stop waiting, speak up, and make sure your voice is heard!!!


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