Irony of Dreams

“If sleep is the cousin of death, try to postpone the family reunions.”

Inspired by…INSOMNIA. I always find myself wide awake in the middle of the night so being nocturnal used to be a disadvantage until an epiphany struck me. In order to make me dreams come true I have to be willing to lose sleep. The time I spend laying in bed, struggling to make myself fall asleep can be invested in reaching my goals. I know, lack of sleep is unhealthy, but sometimes you have to compromise and weigh out the pros n cons of being dedicated to your craft. A lot of productivity can be accomplished while everyone else is in dreamland, but you’re burning the midnight oil in hopes of striking gold. Put sleeping on hold because the cousin of death will greet you when your mind is no longer active and keeping you awake. Besides, once you make your dreams come true you can have as many family reunions as you want. Your “cousins” will understand…


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