NIU Student Organization Fair

NIU Student Organization Fair


This is Jamael I. Clark, Executive Director of as well as the President & Founder of the almost one year old (founded 11/18/12) Spoken Word organization, Impact Makars at Northern Illinois University.

As soon as 2nd semester began, Impact Makars started off on the creative foot by entering the student organization fair, previewing a trendy campaign called “Faites Vous Connaitre”, French for “Make Yourself Known”. This phrase will be our goal for the entire school year, exercising our creative genius to make ourselves known since we are still a fresh face to the university.

Since the Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Competition is quickly approaching, Impact Makars will be selling slam team supporter shirts for $10 a piece to raise money to cover the registration fee when the competition takes place In February 2014 at Colombia College in Chicago. Our goal is to sell 200 shirts by January 11th.

The two different shirts that will be sold are posted below

Impact Makars Supporter Shirt 1

Impact Makars Supporter Shirt 1

Impact Makar Supporter Shirt 2

Impact Makar Supporter Shirt 2

Once again, these shirts will be sold for $10 a piece to support the Impact Makars slam team, with slam team members selling them, along with me and Faculty Advisor/Slam Team Coach, Russ Devereaux. Impact Makars contact info will be listed below. Please, support us and help us reach our goal of selling 200 shirts so we can represent NIU in the Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Competition (Feb. 2014).

“We believe every student holds a creative genius to serve and honor the purpose of making an impact on the world just as much as their major. We make an impact by developing students to exercise their creative genius with the art of poetry, performance, and most importantly, inspiration. Spoken Word is our creative genius, what is yours?”


Contact Info
Twitter: @NIU_SpokenWord
Instagram: @ImpactMakars

PS: The reason why I have the phrase “Make Yourself Known” in french is because of these reasons…

1.) The team name “Impact Makars” derived from a dream my friend had while he was in France before I even thought of a name
2.) When he told me about his trip to France, he told me about their fashion culture and how they took a lot pride in how they carried themselves.
3.) I did some personal research on France’s culture and their fashion, which is what inspired me to start carrying myself better not just fashionably, but with everything I love to do, which includes spoken word.
4.) I am a huge believer in giving credit to anything or anyone who has inspired me, therefore, the french culture is the first for me to incorporate in my first shirt design.
5.) It is more interesting to implement a different language on a shirt rather than the most common (English) because it’s an attention getter and a great conversation starter since many people won’t be able to decode it.
6.) Once the conversation sparks, it gives me a reason to share the Impact Makars background story and what we represent.
7.) Lastly, I want people to embrace other cultures and not confine themselves to their own. If we learn other cultures/languages, understand other cultures/languages, then we can appreciate them more. This is just the beginning of me utilizing my inspirations of other cultures and placing them into fashion. Who knows, I might derive inspiration from Latin America, Germany, Africa, Italy, etc etc, so that each shirt has a phrase from a different culture. That way, I’m not showing favoritism.

SN: I also forgot to mention “Make Yourself Known” is a goal for myself and Impact Makars this semester. I feel like I need to make myself known on campus through leadership and contribution, also, Impact Makars is a brand new org so it needs to make itself known too. Once we achieve that goal of making ourselves known around campus, I will take the shirts back and put our names or our stage names on the shirts as a way of saying, “congrats, you made a name for yourself!” So, for each shirt I make, there will be a different goal at the bottom of the shirt in a language for people to decode. Sooooo, chapter one for Impact Makars is called “Make Yourself Known” or…. FAITES VOUS CONNAÎTRE




  1. Joyce Abell says:

    Could I please order 2 shirts, one of each design in a size small? Keep up the good work!


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