W~A~V~E: Broken Record Syndrome

W~A~V~E: “Your bad history repeats itself ONLY if you were not listening the first time.”

If you keep receiving the same poor results over and over and over and…well you get the idea, maybe its time to change your approach to the situation. We are all scientist everyday and fail to realize it until its too late. Experiment with ideas and strategies that will tackle your problems rather than complain about them. Tears will evaporate, but the dilemma will continue to form a large puddle until it floods you with stress. Spend time solving and the tick-tocks will not go to waste unless they are spent wining. The quickest cure to broken-record syndrome is altering your approach to life and changing your perspectives to broaden that slender horizon of yours. You don’t wanna continue to hear your bad history blab about the same thing do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? (I hope you get the point)



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