Album Review: Kos Kudos Young Mind.Old Soul

Kos Kudos is next to hold the Chicago music scene down with a project that struts his genius, making one-third of the group Good Vocation. In keeping with the latest development Drake and Nikki Minaj trended and had success (rapping and singing), Kos Kudos fashions this technique by excelling compared to his hip-hop and R&B counterparts who attempt to bridge both worlds but sink in the depth of waters after that viaduct hip-hop pioneers built collapses.

Kos Kudos has that Young Mind. Old Soul (Y-MOS) mentality as his studio offspring suggest. The album is soulful, hip-hop, jazzy, and delighting neo-soul without the annoying Auto-Tune or vocal irritation of Drake that clogs ears with infected pus. Kudos imparts glee as music notes goes into one ear and out the other. The Jake One produced “Being Real” provides that traditional throwback feel as he colorfully scopes his troublesome adolescent to his early adulthood comparing life today to that of yesterday. Kudos is set out on a mission to help the disadvantage-led-astray on the jazzed-funked out Jamal Mar featured “Lord Have Mercy.”

Music lacks #TRUTH so Kudos delivers a message of never imitating always be yourself in the soulful “The Me.” There is hope that “One Day (Final)” there will be an #END to all disparity, music industry injustices, and one-sided biases. He gets his neo-soul on in the similar to crooner Kem in sound acoustic single “Best of You.” The spirit of Lenny Kravitz and Drake is felt in “Falling.” Kudos’ “Thinkin’ About You/For You” intertwines two melodies into one heavenly tune.

Though, the album is not sturdy like a suspension bridge making it a bit shaky and narrow in pathway to cross. There seems to be more singing than rhyme spitting, which the album deserves an equal balance of both. Most of the featured hip-hop tracks are short in length compared to his R&B tunes. However, Kos Kudos pursued a career in music and made this record as his lyric stated for “GOD, love, and much more,” which dispenses the best of both worlds. Young Mind. Old Soul (Y-MOS) does not disappoint musically and should be newly titled as Renewal of the Mind. Fresh Soul (RN-MFS).

-Hector De La Rosa-



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