Rel Smith and KTJB Productions: Creativity at its Finest

Rel Smith, a creative and cutting-edge music video director and co-founder of KTJB productions, would have never thought his first animation motion video would garner an unsuspected call from rapper David Banner; but it did. (Videos enclosed)

Soon after the call, Smith and his production crew:  which include his brother Jimmy Smith, and two other friends, Tray Cheatham and Behdad Sami, were gearing up to work on  David Banner’s video “Amazing”  featuring Chris Brown.

The big break that KTJB productions received was originally from their work on Kid Cudi’s “All Along” video. Cudi posted the video on Facebook and it went viral. David Banner was so impressed that he contacted the production company to collaborate on some creative ideas that would include Barbie Dolls.

“We all just sat in a room and took the idea of Barbie dolls and brainstormed. David Banner and Chris Brown sent us a bunch of pictures of themselves; we just cut them up in funny and interesting ways and put them on the Barbie dolls, “explained Smith.

Smith admitted that the Kid Cudi animation video was a product of them just having fun. They have always wanted to work in the music industry, but three out of the four members are pro-basketball players overseas.  Smith is a forward and plays in Germany; his brother Jimmy Smith plays in Europe and Behdad Samit plays in the USA and overseas.

Being a pro-basketball star as well as an up and coming music video director sounds exciting, but Smith mentioned that in his opinion, people do not see the hard work behind the finished product. “A lot of people don’t realize that in order to play basketball, you have to keep in shape; that’s a couple of hours a day, every day. Up and coming artists have called you; that you have to work with as well those whose videos aren’t out yet. We’re working on a lot videos right now. It’s a lot of hard work mixed in with basketball, and people don’t see that, “said Smith.

Currently, Smith and the production crew are working on some amazing and promising projects. Smith and his brother’s uncle, Poetri, a well known poet that has been on Death Poetry Jam, wants them to do a video for his next poem.  KTJB productions have also been asked by a group named D&D, which include two R&B brothers, to shoot a couple videos for their mixtape. The mixtape would include Chris Brown, Omarion , The Rejects, and Kevin McCall.  KTJB productions have many more projects in the works. Smith offered this piece of advice for aspiring music video producers, “Really, really network. Use Twitter, use people you know. Get in contact with people you know all day everyday to make it happen”.

Follow Rel Smith on Twitter @TheRelSmith and stay up to date with the next hot music videos, short films, or feature films with KTJB productions at

Check out the popular motion video Kid Cudi’s “All Along” with gizmos flying through space and fighting lego robots.  Also the up tempo “Amazing”  by David Banner with Chris Brown that features heads of Banner and Chris Brown driving down the street in a fancy car, picking up some Babies, and Chris brown  dancing next to a Michael Jackson paper doll.



  1. Ayanna McPherson says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE VIDEOS! So original and something new to look at! Not the same ‘ol thing! Very entertaining! I am so proud of you guys! Congratulations on your continued success! Can’t wait to see more! Love, Ayanna


  2. John Caring says:



  3. Deirdre Smith says:

    Nice! Love the videos.


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