Jarret Janako: Success Is About Giving Back

We all dream of success one day; and often times once we achieve or obtain that success, very seldom do we ask how we can give it back. Actor and model Jarret Janako is the blue print of success and giving back to his community of Philadelphia. By surrounding himself with entertainers who are like-minded, Janako is quickly and steadily rising to the top of the acting and philanthropist stage.

Growing up in Philadelphia didn’t offer him many choices for a career much less something that he would enjoy doing for the rest of his life.

But now, Janako is multitalented, not only a actor but a model and has even taken vocal lessons to hone and shape his voice for singing.

After portraying Jafar in Aladdin at the age of 14, Janako had fell in love with acting. From Jafar to now acting in series such as, “Law and Order SVU”, “The Game” and “The Wire” he is unstoppable. Alongside acting in different television series’, Janako has also worked with entertainers Monica (Until Its Gone) and Beyonce’ (Best Thing I Never Had) being key roles in their videos. Janako says, “It was a very humbling experience. I didn’t know what to expect and Beyonce’ is a very nice woman as well as Monica.”

But Andwepresent is proud to recognize him as not only a great entertainer but as a philanthropist. Janako posses the spirit of giving back. Through watching his role models and mentors such as Brian White, Will Smith and Tyler Perry, Janako sees that his success in acting is bigger than him; as a young African-American male actor and by portraying roles that have meaning and are positive, he wants to open new doors for actors and actresses.

After gaining so much success in his career thus far, Janako has decided that giving back is what matters most. “I’m not doing this for self-fulfillment only; I’m doing this for my community, for the people who look up to me and for the public. There is so much negativity in the world right now and I think that it [entertainment] needs stronger African-American men to stand up and take care of different genres in the world. Whether it’s financial service, actors, models or athletes, whatever it is we need to hold that to the highest ability and make it happen and succeed,” explains Janako.

Like artists and entertainers such as Meek Mill and Kendra G coming from Philadelphia, Janako wants to be a part of that list of entertainers who come back and give back to their community. That is one of the reasons that he works so hard, so that he can have the means to do so. One of Janako’s dreams is to open up a youth facility. He explained, “My goal is to open up a youth theater program for unprivileged children and those who can’t afford 60 to 70 dollars an hour for a private coach. That’s how I started [acting] and I worked my way up.”

Right now, Janako is working on different acting roles while still honing and perfecting his art. The most valuable lesson that Janako can pass on is to learn to value rejection, but never be afraid to take chances. One quote that he stands by is, Success comes from not being afraid to fall. I’d jump out a plane without a parachute if I knew success awaited me on the ground.”

Janako says, “You can’t be afraid to make moves and take chances in this industry.” And that’s exactly what he’s doing, taking chances and opening doors for the next generation.

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    Love your writing, Joyce. Great subject-great article. Thanks! Continued success to you.


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