Leo Mondavi: “Close To Home” EP (Download Link Inside)

And We Present was able to get an exclusive listen to Leo Mondavi’s new EP “Close To Home”.  Here is what Leo had to say about the project.

Download Leo Mondavi’s “Close To Home Ep” Here http://leomuse.bandcamp.com/album/close-to-home-ep

“Close to home” was produced and recorded in about 2-3 weeks in the same setting as my previous project “Heartbreak warfare”.  This EP was designed specifically for the dreamers and/or the people who may be at the lowest point in their lives. It’s not just a depressing compilation of songs, it has its fun moments and humor lines as well.

It all started when I received a voicemail message in the middle of an April night from a girl that I almost developed a 2 year relationship with. I was asleep when I received the message, of course, and I didn’t discover it until we broke it off with each other a few weeks later while going through my voicemail. When I heard it, I knew right away I wanted it to be heard because it showed exactly where I was in my life. So, I created a skit out of it and I kind of just took it from there.

The title close to home simply means close to freedom, something we all especially love to fantasize about when we’re at rock bottom. We like to tell ourselves that our current lives will soon change. This is what makes up the concept of my EP. I have a few lines in the titled track “Close to home” when I say, “Im laying on my back staring at the ceiling/Thinking what if I should die right now God willing”. This sad line represents the thought that death would be easier than this life. I also have those lines in my songs when I talk about partying every other night and waking up to this incredible lifestyle or having dreams of going to Paris.

This is the soundtrack to my life right now and I made it for the world. I’m hoping everyone feels the same emotions I feel while listening.  Just remember, dream incredible dreams and have faith that one day those dreams will come true and maybe they will. This is only the beginning, I plan on taking my music to a whole new sound after this.  @leomondavi



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the music! Nice interview.


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