Ashley Everett Goes Behind the Scenes of “Instagram” Music Video

Everbody’s favorite “Single Ladies” dancer, Ashley Everett, has officially launched her on YouTube Channel under DanceOn.  For those who may not know (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t know lol), Ashley is Beyonce’s right hand dancer.  She’s been her dance captain for the last few years, and has danced alongside the Queen Bey in countless videos, tours, and other live performances all over the world.  Fans are always asking Ashley what it’s like to dance for this person and that person, so she’s giving them just what they want by way of show and tell.

Everett’s page is dedicated to giving fans and viewers behind the scenes access on the sets of music videos she’s working in, as well as her day to day live.  In this exclusive video, she goes behind the scenes of the music video for Destorm’s song “Instagram”. Also featured in the video is one of Ashley’s best friends, who is extremely multi-talented himself, Todrick Hall of American Idol’s 10th season.  He’s also a huge YouTube sensation after his countless flash mobs and famous “I Wanna Be On Glee” video, which featured Ashley Everett.  Check out the video below :).


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