Ambitious writer trades pen and pad for eye pencil and face powder

A Chicago-based make-up artist calls landing into her career an “accident,” but loves her work.

LaTasha Benn, business owner of LybARTISTRY, has been doing make-up professionally since 2007, but says the hobby started as a child.

“I was a tomboy, but yet I still liked to wear lipstick or paint my nails so it just kind of started off for fun; it was always a hobby just because I love to paint,” she said. “As I got older I was doing make-up for friends as they went off to prom or different events.”

Originally, Benn’s career goal was to become a teacher, but that shifted to becoming a journalist. Still doing the make-up on the side, she somehow ended up in Human Resources, but never lost focus of holding that dream reporter job.

“The makeup business evolved right after college and at that time it wasn’t a career decision, it was just a hobby but at the same time I was like ‘I’m still trying to be a journalist or I’m still trying to be a HR manager; makeup had always been a side hustle,” she said.

Instead of breaking into the make-up business with meticulous planning, LaTasha said it all happened by accident. She accompanied a friend, who needed her help at the last minute on a photo-shoot. That day, door number one of her new career opened.

“I started talking to the photographer and she was asking me how long had I been doing makeup and I’m like ‘I’m not really a makeup artist, I just did her’s’ and she was like ‘Well you should…’ and then put me on this website called Model Mayhem,” Benn said.

Model Mayhem was the website she used to post up her clients’ photos, including those from the photoshoot that day. “Those were like my first pictures I had on Model Mayhem and from there people were hitting me up to do shoots,” she said.

After LaTasha built her portfolio, she made business cards and LybARTISTRY was born.

“It all sort of evolved by accident. Like I said, it was something I did for fun and then it became a hobby and then it became a paying hobby and the paying hobby turned into a business. I never imagined that I would be a makeup artist one day,” she said.

The “Lyb” stands for both her initials and “Love Your Beauty.” “If you’re not confident to walk out the door with no makeup on, then there’s a problem. ‘Love Your Beauty’ is love it whether you have makeup on or not,” Benn said.

Brides are her biggest clients and she specializes in what she calls natural beauty. “I’m always doing beauty looks for brides. When I say beauty looks, it’s simply that, just a beautiful, clean look. Nothing too dramatic.”

With the ability to match foundation and create custom foundation, Benn is able to service clients of all ethnicities. “I do custom foundation, whether it’s airbrush, cream or liquid I always make sure the foundation matches the skin tone,” she said. “I have all shades and colors to match every complexion. If I don’t have it, I can custom mold it.”

Summer Make-up Tips

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great to see some Chicago talent. Thanks for the article!


  2. Fonta says:

    LaTasha is a great person and a great make-up artist. As a stay at home mom who wanted to not look like a drab stay at home mom, LaTasha gave me a one on one class on how to take care of my skin as well as what products and colors worked for my skin complexion. I am so grateful for that class. Thanks Tasha.

    Also Andrea, I am very proud of you!!!!


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