A Day In The Life: Moya Angela

Singer, Songwriter, and actress, Moya Angela, who is currently in the Tony Award nominated Broadway musical, Ghost, gave us a look inside the busy life of an actress. Although she is living out her dreams on Broadway, she tells And We Present that it is harder than it looks.
Angela has had a long career so far, she was casted in, “The Lion King” and she is the recipient of a NAACP award for Theater. After touring across the world with that production, Angela was casted as “Effie” in “Dreamgirls”. She took time out of her busy schedule to walk us through a day in her life and what it’s like performing on Broadway.

First off, when the cast goes to a different city, press for the show starts but as for the next day, prepping starts at night, “My assistant helps a lot by getting my clothes ready so I’m already prepared for that and then I’ll get up and slowly start to prepare and warm my voice up, not by singing but by slowly talking and doing my own [vocal] warm ups,” explains Angela.

From then, Angela is off to do press. “They [the PR team] direct you and tell you where to go and where you need to be and what time you need to be there and then nine times out of ten you’d be doing a sound check for singing or an interview and if it was radio, its ‘You’re on in two minutes…from there I would eat, rest, Pilates and then get ready for the show.”

Angela explains that after the press event until the start of the show, she doesn’t speak at all. She carried a dry erase board so that she could speak to her assistant. She also, keeps a steamer to keep her voice muscles moist and prepared.

Afterwards, she’s off to perform for the evening. While doing Dreamgirls which lasted two years, Angela performed up to eight times a week and Ghost is no different either. She explains that being a professional actress requires a lot of obedience and sacrifice. “I’ve learned how to adapt…how to be on time and to focus.”

Now that Angela is in Ghost, she says that the experience has been great. “The people who I’m working with are phenomenal. I wanted to be apart this project because it was different and because I love Ghost too. I am so grateful to be working with amazing people. Were just like a well oiled machine every night.”

For those who want to be like Angela she offers this advice, “Keep on trying until you get there. If you have a passion that should be what drives you to keep on trying until you get there.”

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