[EXCLUSIVE] Marques Houston: Battlefield America and New Projects

Multi-talented entertainer Marques Houston has a new film showing in theaters now called, “Battlefield America”. Andwepresent snagged an exclusive interview with Houston where we talked about everything from “Battlefield America” which is produced by Chris Stokes, to new projects and music.

Many people may remember Houston from his younger years where he played, “Roger” in the sitcom “Sister, Sister” starring Tia and Tamera Mowry, or the R&B sensation, Immature. Although Houston has been in a lot of movie roles he explains that he’s proud that none of his friends, who are celebs, have succumb to negative influences, “I’m just proud of everyone that’s done so well in their careers and to see how far they’ve come is great.”

When I asked him what drew him to his latest project, he replied, “I read the script and I was immediately drawn to the character, Sean Lewis. My character is a marketing director who is about to make partner and he’s a really arrogant guy where life is all about Sean Lewis…He has one to many drinks and ends up getting community service.” Houston says his character ends up thrown into a world that he never imagined.

Although most may think that this is just a dance movie, Houston insists that the movie has a message also. “We want to promote the fact that this movie promotes positivity. Those kids in the movie represent kids who don’t have the best situation to grow up in so the community center [in the movie] is like a home away from home.” he explains.

Houston who also played in the movie “You Got Served”, explained that it was an honor to be apart of one of the first movies that started the dance battle movie craze. “You Got Served” is widely known as the movie that gave talented dancers the platform to showcase the skills and gain appreciation for the craft, and inspired the birth of dance shows such as “America’s Best Dance Crew”. “The kids that are in this movie are just as fascinating,” explains Houston.

Musically, Houston tells And We Present that he created some of the music that’s on the sound track that fans can download the music from www.datpiff.com. He also said that he’s in the studio working hard to give us some new music and material in the future.

As a word of advice for those who want to be involved in the entertainment industry, he stated, “Don’t do it if your heart isn’t in it. If your looking to make a quick dollar, you shouldn’t be in it.” But for those who have the talent you can contact the production company that Houston co-owns with Stokes called Brian and Barrett at http://brianandbarrettpictures.com. To stay up to date with new projects and films that Houston is working on, follow him on twitter @marqueshouston.

Also, don’t forget to get out this weekend and support “Battlefield America”.

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Also, don’t forget to get out this weekend and support “Battlefield America”.


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