Maurice Rabsatt: The New Face of Pop Music

We had the pleasure of speaking with the talented artist about his passion for music, growing up in the Caribbean and what he’s looking to do next. His single, “Run De Town” hits iTunes on June 4th, 2012 so make sure you support.

JS: How did you come to do music, where did that passion come from?

MR: It’s kind of funny. No one in my family really was a musician, so it came randomly. I grew up in the Caribbean and when hurricanes hit the island the power would gout out completely, that meant no cable or other distractions so I started listening to the radio a ton and that’s where it began with the music. I started off singing in the choir at church also, so I was exposed to it by default.

JS: What island did you grow up on?

MR: I grew up in St. Thomas the Virgin Islands; I’m the youngest of nine children.

JS: How would you describe your music?

MR: I love pop music so I would definitely categorize myself as a pop artist but I have been able to fuse in my Caribbean background in songs to make it more diverse for my fans. I enjoy it and it’s really a part of who I am.

I grew up listening to reggae and calypso so it’s like being from there (St. Thomas) influences my sound…I have songs on my record that you wouldn’t know I was from the Caribbean and other that you can say, ‘Wow he is from the island.’

JS: Do you think your background, being from the Caribbean, influences your music or how you make a record?

MR: Yeah it does. I listened to reggae, calypso and punk, which were highly played in the Caribbean so I gravitated toward that sound because it was something different. I think it did influence me in a sense that I was interested in doing something on the other end of the spectrum, just always doing something like reggae or something that my people from the island would accept.

JS: So with the first single, “Run the Town”, what were you trying to give your fans?

MR: I really wanted to put a stamp on it! There’s these songwriters called Rock City, and I talked to one of the brothers, Timothy, who told me to do what no one else can do…That really inspired the “Run De Town” record. I want people to know who I am first and foremost before I start throwing out more mainstream stuff. I also wanted to give my island family something to relate to.

JS: Do you think you’ll incorporate dancehall at all?

MR: That’s definitely something I will consider. I think that what makes a successful artist is the ability to switch emotions. I try to make sure if I’ve already done something, I don’t do it again, so for me dancehall would be good. I feel like it’s already a part of me,  its jut waiting on the right tracks because it has to be done right!

You can keep up with Maurice at: and make sure you download “Run De Town” on June 4th via iTunes.

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  1. andrea latimer says:

    love you peoples its happening keep the faith


  2. Daryl Matthews says:

    Do it boy represent your island. I remember you as a kid and your following your dream


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