Kevin Phillps: Creating A Platform for Creative Minds

With such a diverse and well driven career, I’m sure most have witnessed the work of actor Kevin Phillips. He’s starred in films such as Pride, Red Tails, and Notorious, in addition to television series such as House and Law & Order.  Since 2004, he’s been making moves on the big screen and television screen.  Now, he’s broadening his horizons and giving a chance for new entertains to do the same on his new website

Phillips didn’t start off in  film and television.  He initially played basketball in efforts of following the athletic path that many of his family successfully did.  It wasn’t until his second year in college that he realized he wasn’t happy. “Honestly, I left school and listened to this inner voice that lead me on the path that I am on today and that was to be an actor,” confessed Phillips. “I’ve always had this secret as a kid and I didn’t know how to explore it because my family was always into athletics and that’s kind of what I was bred to do.”

It wasn’t until Phillips landed a role in an off-Broadway play and gained recognition from an executive at Spike Lee’s company who told him that he had a “natural gift” that he really began to pursue acting. He urged Phillips to go and study the craft of acting and also take lessons from the acting coach, Susan Batson. After taking a class with her, she told Phillips, “Wow, your so good! If you stay dedicated and really study the craft, the sky is the limit.” From that day on, he began acting full-time.

Despite of the fact that he’s been considered a “natural” and performed phenomenally alongside Oscar nominated actor Terrence Howard and Bernie Mac in the film Pride, and Angela Bassett in Notorious, etc., it’s still been a struggle for him to get the jobs that his talent demands.  It hasn’t been some easy road where roles are just being thrown to his feet everyday.  Therefore, he decided to create a platform for himself, and other artists alike.

For performing and fine artists, young and old, who are trying to find a place or make a name for themselves, it becomes harder every day. Phillips recognizes this issue , just like his own beautiful struggle and he wants to help those who are creative find their way. “Now is the time to take initiative and be proactive and do things outside of the box and create more visible awareness for yourself,” says Phillips. “With hard work…I’m creating opportunities for myself.”

He encourages aspiring entertainers to create a platform for themselves much like aims to do. is equivalent to a musician putting out mixtapes, something for fans to hear in between albums.  Instead of music, Phillips is putting out short films to showcase the full array of what he can do as an actor.

He explained, “What I am doing now is shooting short films and the shorts films are a presentation of the quality of an actor that I am and what you can expect from me.” Phillips when on to say, “ is not just a vehicle for myself but for all artists out there who are a part of the beautiful struggle. They have this amazing talent or gift but don’t necessarily have the platform that they need to showcase what they’re doing.  So this platform, is an artist’s platform for us to go to explore, share and showcase what we’re capable of doing.” is a tool for everyone who is creative whether, you are a music artist, photographer, writer, etc. You can expect the launch of the website to be within the next three months, along with some short films and projects that he will be releasing simultaneously.

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