Naturi Naughton: “The Client List” And Staying Positive

A couple of weeks ago, we offered a sneak peak at the character “Kendra” on “The Client List”, played by Naturi Naughton. Now we’re bringing you the full article about Naturi Naughton’s experience on “The Client List”, as well as what’s up next for this amazing entertainer.

You may also remember that Naughton portrayed Lil Kim in the film “Notorious” and on Broadway for three years in the production of “Hairspray” before taking on the role in “The Client List.” Theater is a part of her career that she is blessed that her fans haven’t forgotten about. “I love Broadway and theater. I like to express myself on stage and in front of people which is the best feeling for a performer. It’s not the same as television which is great too, but the one thing about theater is that you get to perform in front of an audience right there. You get a chance to experience the real, live audience,” says Naughton.

“The Client List”, which airs on The Lifetime channel, has an awesome cast; aside from Naughton, the cast includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Loretta Devine and Cybill Shepard.  Naughton explained the chemistry of the cast is great; sometimes is doesn’t seem like their working because they have such a great time together. She explains that as a young actress such as herself, it’s great to learn from people who have had such longevity in their careers.

Another television series that Naughton was casted in before “The Client List” was, “The Playboy Club” based right out of Chicago. Even though the series was cancelled, she said that she had a blast on that show and that people still come up to her and express their sadness about the cancellation of the show. “People to this day still come up to me and their so upset,” says Naughton. “Many women and men who were born at that time and went to the Playboy Club and they come up to me like, ‘This was the best and the club was so sophisticated and classy.’ People where upset, but I have to stay positive about it.”

It was recently announced that “The Client List” has been signed up for a second season on Lifetime and Naughton explained that she is happy and blessed that the fans have been watching and supporting the series. “I’m so very blessed and happy; we’ve been getting huge ratings and reviews. So I’m glad that people are connecting to this.”

Make sure you continue to support the show on Sunday nights airing on Lifetime and let Naughton know what you think via twitter: @naturinaughton.

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