Leo: Heartbreak Warfare [Mixtape Inside]

AWP got a chance to talk to Leo about his new mixtape and the recording process. Leo had this to say.

“I was born and raised in Chicago/Oak Park, named Lee (Leo) Boddie after my father. If you know me as an artist, then you’ll know my stage name is Leo. Recently I sat down in the studio for about 30 days and created songs about the ups and downs that I and others around me experienced in the past few years. I spent over a year away from the studio in my room writing, but none of those lyrics made this mixtape. Instead of releasing those songs now I choose to save them for later, and came up with new lyrics in my head. My music on this mixtape is very musical with catchy pop samples,soul samples, and soft ambient pads. I sat down in my bedroom and produced every song except ‘Random thoughts’ Using Pro tools, Fl studio, and Magix Samplitude. In the process of making this project i discovered new artists, bands, and genres of music that i never knew about before. Searching for samples I heard a few songs that changed my life in a way. Throughout the mixtape, Its almost like an emotional roller-coaster, because I rap about the pros and cons of love for women and for the fame. The title ‘Heartbreak Warfare,’ came from a John Mayer song I heard a few years back. It inspired me to tell a piece of my story. On march 22nd I spent a whole night in a hotel near my home. I stayed up the entire night until the sun came up just thinking about what direction my life was headed in. The front artwork to the tape is a painting by Jack Vettriano titled ‘Heartbreak hotel’. Only he himself can express the true meaning behind the image but to me its a depressing, and lonely portrait, but it stands out. I relate to that guy laying on the bed with a broken heart about life. I’m just another young kid with a dream to fulfill. So that’s where i came up with the idea for the front cover. This mixtape is only the beginning of my art, and the songs mean a lot to me. When people mention my name i want them to go back and say “Heartbreak warfare” was a classic piece of work. After the world hears these songs, i know that they’ll be waiting for more, and that is exactly what I will give them but better than before. I usually wait 6 months to a year before i release an entire project sometimes longer, because i need to live through more experiences before i can tell more stories. I try my best to stay consistent as possible. I’m only 21 so i have so much time to grow. Like Shawn (Jay-z) Carter once said ‘Its all about progression.'”

To listen to and download Hearbreak Warefare click here.


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