Think Like A Man Cast Stops By Clark Atlanta University (Photos Inside)

The Atlanta premier of Think Like a Man would have done no justice without the love and support of the Atlanta University Center. The cast of the movie stopped by Clark Atlanta University for a press conference before finding their way on over to Morehouse College for a meet and greet with students on April 3.

The day started off hot and the air was thick, but it was worth the wait as students camped outside CAU’s student center awaiting the arrival of Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Romany Malco, Terrance J., La La Anthony and funny man Kevin Hart.

During the conference, it was evident to see the friendships that were forged during the taping of the film as laughter and jokes were the premise of the responses given from the cast.  At one point La La reminisced a funny moment behind the scenes where Hart caught her flirting with cast mate Michael Ealy during the filming. “Yeah, I caught her in dead flirt,” Hart said as the room erupted in laughter.

The film Think Like a Man tells the tale of four male friends who plan to turn the tables on the leading women in their lives after they’ve discovered that their women have been using Steve Harvey’s advice book Think Like a Man against them.

“There’s always miscommunication between the sexes and I think this takes a unique and very humors look upon it without making it look so serious,” Hall said.

Members from the cast agreed that they learned a few valuable lessons from filming the movie as well as reading the book, but according to Malco, that doesn’t give anyone the key to relationship success.

“Look, it’s one book and one movie, you can’t get the answer to life in that. But the beautiful thing about this movie is that it enables you to see the role that you play in the circumstances that you’re experiencing,” Malco said emphatically.

Hart provided a salty visual to how people should approach relationship woes. “Here’s the thing, Imma take some salt and sprinkle it on the situation,” Hart said as the room light up in laughter once again. He continued, “You want to have a good relationship? Be a realist. Understand that people are human, people are gonna make mistakes; all mistakes aren’t on purpose; all mistakes aren’t intentional.”

The truth of the matter is that neither men nor women know the secret to understanding the female or male mind, however, there are a few misconceptions that both sexiest don’t often realize according to Malco.

“Men underestimate how much like men women can actually be and I think women underestimate how emotional men can actually be.”

Later on in the night, cast mate Michael Ealy, book author Steve Harvey and many familiar faces from Atlanta including T.I, Neyo and Keri Hilson, Keisha Knight Pulliam and Terri J. Vaughn were all present at the films movie screening.

Producer of the film Will Packer stopped by Morehouse and thanked the AUC for their continued support for his previous films Obsessed, TAKERS, Stomp The Yard, This Christmas etc and urged everyone to go out and do the same for Think Like a Man.

“I need ya’ll to help make this the #1 movie in America! They’re not expecting this film to be number one, but we’re not accepting anything less, it’s up to you! Ya’ll can make that happen,” Packer said.

Well AUC, that sounds like a challenge, so let’s show them what we can do, Think Like a Man opens in theaters April 20.


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