Saoul Vanderpool: The Visionary Behind HEED Magazine

No great idea has started without a great visionary behind it. Behind the scenes of HEED magazine you will find Saoul Vanderpool the founder, creator and visionary.

If you haven’t heard of Heed Magazine it’s no doubt that you will in the near future. Along with HEED’s success thus far, celebrities such as Marsha Ambrosius, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Hosea Chanchez have graced the cover of the magazine.

HEED encompasses pop culture, trends and things that are happening around us. HEED was designed to be a magazine that speaks to a diverse variety of people and their backgrounds. Saoul wanted to create a magazine that spoke to a volume of people; the urban community, men, positive entertainment but also the spiritual side that people have, thus the creation of HEED.

Above all, his love for the vision of HEED is one aspect that continually pushed him to create the magazine. “You have to love what you do, love it, love it, love it,” explains Saoul. He stands firmly behind the aspect of if it’s meant for you then it will come to pass.

This year the magazine will be expanding and going from online to print, hitting Barnes and Noble’s bookstores across the world. HEED magazine is based out of New York, so I asked Saoul how it felt and the reason behind releasing HEED in print?  “Heed was never meant to go online, it was always meant to be print,” explains Saoul. He wants to make sure that HEED receives the recognition that it deserves and that it’s readers understand the full aspect of positive entertainment and lifestyle that HEED aims to give people.

Saoul also told me that although HEED has had a great amount of success so far, the magazine still has a long way to go. “We are in a good place right now, but behind the scenes there is still a lot of construction going on,” says Saoul.

The new issue of HEED drops today with Laz Alonso on the cover, so make sure you pick it up. Also, make sure you check out to see which Barnes and Noble will have HEED near you.

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    Great magazine, great article, Joyce


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