Celebrity Couples: Ice T & Coco

(Photo by Photo Agency)

Celebrity Couple Hotness Quotient
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Staying Power:

Ice-T reportedly earned $1 million for his role in the 1995 film Tank Girl, which suggests that his Law & Order: SVU salary is very generous. He’s released a handful of gold and platinum albums, and he won a Grammy in the ’90s. Nicole “Coco” Austin is a swimsuit model, so she earns money for photo shoots and and low-budget films she’s been in. And yes, she has posed for Playboy.

Coco in Overture Films Premiere of Righteous Kill ? After Party(Getty Images)more pics »

Coco is smoking hot — she has her famous butt to thank for her thriving career — but you have to wonder what’s left under all of the makeup and breast implants. And let’s face it: Ice-T is no dreamboat.

Coco in 'Notorious' New York Premiere 2

In April, around 2.75 million people searched Google for information about Coco alone. In fact, Ice-T’s individual numbers are so small that Google doesn’t even register enough data for him. Still, that’s enough searches to push this couple into our top half in terms of popularity. Lesson: The most effective way to boost Internet traffic is to put a swimsuit model on your site.

Coco in

Staying Power.
These two have been married since 2005, and they’re a constant fixture on the red carpet. Neither of them has had any previous high-profile relationships, so maybe they’re in this for the long haul. Hear their priceless “how we met” story straight from the horse’s mouth below.

Coco’s a sensitive Pisces, and Ice-T is a practical Aquarius. Astrologically speaking, the match isn’t a great one — her clinginess will clash with his need to be independent. The man behind “Cop Killer” can’t open up his emotions? The world is full of mysteries. [Zombia]


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