Celebrity Couples: Kevin Federline & Victoria Prince

Celebrity Couple Hotness Quotient
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Staying Power:
Victoria Prince in Kevin And Victoria Arriving At The Bowling Alley

Ever since his stint as a backup dancer and marriage to Britney Spears, K-Fed has made a career out of being K-Fed. That means recording a rap album, appearing on TV shows like One Tree Hill, and trying his hand at professional wrestling, none of which were particularly successful. Victoria’s so far off the Hollywood radar that no one even seems to know what her career path is, save the fact that she played volleyball in college.

Victoria Prince in KFed and New Girlfriend Partying in Vegas

Telling it like it is: K-Fed’s gained some weight. Being a back-up dancer must keep you in pretty good shape, because he looked perfectly fine back in the Britney days. As for Victoria, she’s tall (6′) and blonde, with an athletic body and unpretentious (if oblivious) style.

Victoria Prince in Kevin Federline & New Girlfriend Getting Lunch

Kevin was the subject of some 110,000 Google searches last month, and Victoria scored about 50,000. Sadly, that number’s low enough to push them down to one of the least popular couples on our list. Sorry, guys.

Victoria Prince in K-Fed and Victoria Prince Hot New Item

Staying Power.

These two have been dating since last fall, when they met after joining the same bowling league. They tend to remain out of the spotlight when they can, and Victoria’s been a good sport about taking care of Jayden and Sean Preston, but only more time will tell if they’re serious. But let’s face it: K-Fed isn’t exactly boyfriend of the year, after dumping Shar Jackson for Britney. And we all know what went down after that.

Victoria’s a Sagittarius, and K-Fed’s on the Aries/Pisces cusp. If he’s more of a Pisces, she’ll be too adventurous for him, but if his personality coincides with Aries, they’ll both revel in their sense of humor and spontaneity. Considering Prince has been arrested for assault and disturbing the peace — and once brought a stun gun to school — this all sounds about right.


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