Jenny Laroche: Perfecting Your Craft and the Hard Work Behind the Scenes of “SMASH”

NBC’s new musical drama “SMASH” is quickly becoming the new must see television series. Jenny Laroche who plays “Sue” on the series, talked with Joyce Sparks about how she landed her role, perfecting your craft and the work that goes into making “SMASH”.

Laroche naturally knew a lot about performing for live theater before acting on the series. She’d been studying and perfecting her craft of dance and ballet since the age of four, eventually graduating for college where she majored in dance. Soon after, she had the great pleasure of being a Rockette.

During casting calls for “SMASH”, Laroche knew that she at least wanted to make an appearance on the show.


Laroche explains, “I auditioned for a dance scene in the second episode. I went into the audition knowing that I really wanted to be apart of SMASH. I knew who was working on the show; the writers, the choreographers, it was just somewhere that I needed to be…But I didn’t know that they were offering roles. I auditioned and got a call back and they asked me to come in and read lines as one of the roles. I then found out that they wanted me to play the role of Sue and I quickly jumped on board.”


Joshua Bergasse serves as the choreographer for the show and in each episode of “SMASH” he teaches new choreography to the cast. This is one of the first series to have original music and choreography for each episode. Laroche explained to me that it is the equivalent to putting a Broadway show together; everything starts from scratch.

The most fulfilling aspect about working on “SMASH” is that she is working with a high caliber of people from the actors, to the writers to the musicians; and that everyone puts their best foot forward for every episode. She explains, “We are literally doing twelve hour days for a one hour series; people are learning that that you have to workshop a number and do preproduction before it’s actually on stage and in rehearsal.”


Laroche’s greatest joy comes from doing what she loves. “I love that I get to entertain people and I love that all the years that I danced and taking acting classes and I finally get to do what I love to do for a living,” she says. “I love playing a character on a TV show and creating this different world and then watching how the editors put it all together.”

Her advice for aspiring artists is, “Always dream big, aim high and train. There are so many people that would love to be on TV or film and its such a big dream and so many people are easy to turn that down…You experience a lot of rejection…Just keep dreaming and never give up, make sure your always training and bettering yourself as an artist.”

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