Beyonce Breast Feeds Baby Blue

Beyonce and baby Blue were spotted out in New York for a lunch date.  While Beyonce dined with hubby, Jay Z, Blue was getting breast-fed.

Beyonce and Baby Blue Ivy

With Beyonce breast-feeding in public, some are saying that this could actually boost up the numbers of African American mothers who breast-feed.

According to data collected from a study done by the Centers for Disease Control, only 54% of black mothers breast-feed. Milk from a mother is the healthiest substance an infant can have as the milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies.

Breast milk has the right amount of water, fat, sugar and protein needed to assist in the growth of an infant.

Maybe an icon like Beyonce breast-feeding in public will show African American mothers that it is nothing to be ashamed of and is an actual act of motherly nature and love.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article-really like stats on breast-feeding….keep up the great writing!
    Really enjoy the website


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