Wesley Jonathan on “What Goes Around Comes Around”

Wesley Jonathan started his career young, but that has not kept him from continuing to be an inspiration to others. Jonathan’s latest role in, “What Goes Around Comes Around” which is currently available on DVD, has Hollywood buzzing, but Jonathan is still down- to-earth and as humble as can be.

Here at Andwepresent we always try to let the light shine on the positive entertainment and people who make a difference throughout the world. In return, we have the pleasure of speaking with people like Jonathan who give the people like us at Andwepresent, the chance to shine and show the world that combined, there is still positive entertainment; it does exists.

Jonathan and I spoke about the dedication that it took to act in “Roll Bounce” and what he plans on doing after “What Goes around Comes Around.”

Most people know Jonathan as Sweetness from the movie “Roll Bounce”. When he originally heard about the movie, he was doing a table reading for it. After reading the script he immediately fell in love with the character that he would soon play. Jonathan explains, I was the last to be casted but I was one of the people who helped to sell the movie.”


To prepare for the role, he hit the gym full force. The most challenging part for him in that role was learning how to skate. Jonathan learned and taught himself; even after the production work day was over, he was in his hotel room continuing to practice. As a result Jonathan explains, “If I wasn’t on skates I was in the gym…I was completely focused.

Jonathan does admit that he is picky about the characters and roles that he plays, but as for the role in “What Goes around Comes Around” written and directed by David Talbert, it was a great opportunity and experience for him. The script was brought to him by his friend, Reagan Gomez and once he looked over the script he couldn’t say no. Since it was his first major stage play, it required Jonathan to rehearse and bring out the inner perfectionist that he is. “Preparation for me was being focused, plenty of rest and constant repetition. I’m a perfectionist so I drill things like crazy. I didn’t just stop rehearsing after we got off the stage. I worked when I got home where  I continued to say lines and drill lines even after work and rehearsal…It’s not just about your lines, its about the other people’s dialogue as well. That way you can help them help you. It’s not just them out there [live] it’s a team effort, says Jonathan.”

The next direction that Jonathan is headed in is producing, he has a lot of ideas that he’d like to start but he insist, “For producing I’m still kind of new at it…but I’d rather act, I’d rather be in front of the camera that my passion, that’s what I love to do.”

To keep up with Jonathan follow him on twitter @WesleyJonathan.

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