Anthony Dalton is Unstoppable

Often times when we are sure that we deserve or aspire to be something, we immediately claim it – and speak it into existence! Anthony Dalton who played “Donnie”, in Tyler Perry’s play, “Laugh to Keep from Crying” did exactly that.

Dalton, who had only acted in smaller plays before going  to Atlanta was moving with his mind set on acting in one of Tyler Perry’s plays. After several interviews and never being called back to TP Studios he didn’t give up. Originally, one of Dalton’s good friends landed the part of Donnie. One day Dalton received a phone call from one of the directors of the play inviting him to a closed rehearsal where afterwards he was offered the role instead of his friend. Dalton explained that it was one of the hardest decisions to make, but one that he couldn’t turn down.


“I had spoken this into existence; I said the reason why I moved to Atlanta was that I was going to work for Tyler Perry.” I don’t know how, but it is going to happen…And it all happened so fast, in a matter of a whole week,” explains Dalton. 


Dalton is a firm believer in the fact that whatever is created for you, no one would be able to take that away. He describes the tour with the play as a humbling experience that he will never forget.


He also talked about the business side of entertainment and that even though you go to a lot of casting calls, sometimes the end result isn’t fair. The upside to business as Dalton explains, is that one night an audience member approached him and said that she had lost her faith in men, but after seeing the play she realized that there were good men in the world and that she in fact deserved better.

He explains how that moment felt to him, “It touched me because as an actor you think that you’re just doing this for entertainment but no, sometimes you’re reaching out and touching people’s lives.”


Once the tour was over Dalton made sure he returned to his hometown in Indiana to show the students that lived there, that anything is possible if you claim it and put your mind to it, it is achievable.

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