Jason Bourne is back! or is he? [The Bourne Legacy trailer inside]

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth film in the Bourne series following up from The Bourne Ultimatum but where is Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne? [trailer inside] 

Jason Bourne will not be in this film instead the film will work from the consequences of Jason’s actions and blend them with a new leading character in Jeremy Renner playing Aaron Cross/ Kenneth Gidson.

Jeremy Renner has been filled with alot of promise landing roles in The Town, Mission Impossible 4, and The Avengers but has not yet seen the success as a stand alone character.  Universal is hoping that the hype of The Avengers can give Renner a boost of supporters to see the new Bourne film Despite having no Jason Bourne.  The film will also feature Edward Norton who has a good fan base to make people forget that Matt Damon will not be in this film. The Bourne Legacy is set to release August 3rd to accompany the summer line up.

Will you go see The Bourne Legacy even though it’s main character has been replaced by a new Agent? Will this be the surprise hit of the summer? we’ll have to wait and see


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice trailer. Thanks!


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