Milk and Honey, a “Dramedy” taking the Web by Storm

Imagine a show that brings real problems that normal people have to life; careers, relationships, success and all the stepping stones in between are present and accounted for in the series, “Milk and Honey”.

The birth of “Milk & Honey”, produced by Idris Elba and Brown Paper Dolls narrates the life of four women trying to make it in Hollywood. I had the pleasure of speaking with Asha Kamah and Faune Chambers as they told me about the creation of Milk & Honey and what fans can expect from next season.

Asha explains that the inspiration from Milk and Honey derived from her and her business partners when they tried to do something that represented who they, their friends and family were in a visual form; so over four years ago, they thoroughly thought and tried to create something that they could enjoy and put up on the web. What makes Milk and Honey a must watch is the fact that their character development is unique and distinct to the women that we communicate with in our lives daily; as Asha puts, it’s like watching, “Michelle Obama before she was Michelle Obama”, you get to witness these women go through the struggles of becoming who they are in Hollywood.

Faune Chambers, who portrays Farrah in the series, represents a woman who has came from a world of privilege. She is a socialite who comes from a prolific family but she has her demons and sometimes struggles to overcome those obstacles.

Faune explains the reason why she chose to work with Milk and Honey. “It’s the diversity in the characters. There’s a void in the way that we are portrayed in projects or television in general…It’s a slice of real people and everyone will be able to relate to them.” The cast also includes Lance Gross, Byrce Wilson and Debbie Allen.

The new season is full of surprises and will present the questions about you whether or not your love and dreams can coexist and the price you’re willing to pay for the both of them. If you haven’t already, please make sure you check out Milk and Honey on

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