Nadji Jeter on the Rise

Black Entertainment Television, also known as BET, is becoming more and more dominant in the media industry. BET is the most prominent television network which targets the young African American audiences. One of the many bright spots that BET can owe its success to is one of the newest shows, Reed Between the Lines. This sitcom, starring Malcolm Jamal Warner and Tracee Ellis Ross, focuses on a modern day blended family as they go through life dealing with the triumphs and tribulations. Aside from the headliners in the cast like Malcolm, Tracee, and Anna Maria Horsford, as well as the countless numbers of special guest stars who have appeared on the show, this show also have up and coming actors and actresses on the rise with no ceiling in their future. One of the aspiring youth actors on the show is Nadji Jeter, the multitalented fifteen year old actor/dancer/model who plays the role of Keenan on the show. I was fortunate enough to sit down with the young star and talk about his experiences on the set as well as what we should be expecting from him in the near future.

Nadji began on his road to stardom in his home town of Atlanta as a dancer. His dance moves led Nadji to become Lil Larry the Hawk, the mascot for the Atlanta Hawks. His electrifying moves caught the eyes of many people, including some A-list celebrities like Usher. He became a performer for Usher’s New Look Foundation Gala in 2005, and co-hosted the event alongside President Bill Clinton, golfer Michelle Wie, and pop star Justin Bieber. His success with the Gala as well as the rave reviews on Usher’s World Tour DVD gave Nadji much praise from fans and other celebs to go out West to prosper. “I went to New York for Usher’s Camp New Look Foundation and everybody was telling me to move out to California ASAP. Me and my mom thought a lot about it so at the age of 10, we moved out to California.” The move seemed to work in Nadji’s favor.

When Nadji moved out west, he got a lot of jobs with print and TV commercials. He also landed a few TV parts on shows like Everybody Hates Chris, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Forgotten. Nadji then landed a big role in the movie Grown Ups as Andre McKenzie, the son of the Chris Rock’s character. “Being in Grown Ups was a great experience; being able to learn from Adam {Sandler} about comedy. He would tell me that when you are doing comedy to be simple and be yourself because that’s when it’s most funny.”  It’s clear that Nadji took heed to Sandler’s advice as his performance, as well as the performances of the other actors in this movie, was hilarious.

Not only has Nadji brightened up audiences in the movie realm, but Nadji has also hit it big as Keenan Reed, the oldest of the three, who is big on fashion, girls, and trying to find the best way to get through life without doing much work, although he is very smart. Nadji does a great job in his performance as Keenan for he believes that the two are very similar to each other, which helps him relate to his character. “I think that Keenan and I are real similar to each other. We have the same sense of fashion like wearing our clothes inside out. We have the same interests in girls and we both get in a lot of trouble.” Nadji also has been able to gel nicely in his role due to the great chemistry with his sibling cast, played by Zoe Soul and Zoe Hendrix. “I love my cast. I’ve known Zoe [Soul] for about 5 years. We were in the same dance group and we auditioned together and I was happy she got the part. Little Zoe [Hendrix] is amazing. She’s a grown person in a nine year old body and she is hilarious. I love working with these two.”

You can expect to see more of Nadji in the near future. Aside from Reed Between the Lines, you can find Nadji in the upcoming film, Grown Ups 2, the sequel to the blockbuster hit which is slated to start being filmed in May of this year. Nadji will also be a huge part of more national commercial campaigns. I can guarantee that more great things will come from this promising young actor. He is already aspiring to study at NYU once he finishes high school to study film.

Until then, Nadji can be found his perfecting his craft as a poet, working on music, and serving the community through various philanthropic opportunities.  He is actually an ambassador of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and he gives much of his time to the foundation, and the cause.

Nadji credits his success to God, his mom, and to himself. “Stay true to yourself and remember to work hard. Hard work pays off. With that, and keeping God first, you will get to where you want to go.”

Be sure to continue supporting Nadji as he is an upstanding young man that is on the rise without a sky to limit him. There are many more great things on the horizon for him. In order to keep tabs on Nadji and his success, follow him on twitter at @NajJeter or add him on facebook at Naj Jeter.

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  1. […] and in 2005 he became apart of Usher’s New Look Foundation Gala. In a recent interview with, Nadji said, “I went to New York  for Usher’s Camp New Look Foundation and everybody […]


  2. […] Usher and in 2005 he became apart of Usher’s New Look Foundation Gala. In a recent interview with, Nadji said, “I went to New York  for Usher’s Camp New Look Foundation and everybody was […]


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