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“I’ll rest when I’m dead”. We would expect to hear a quote like this from an elderly person, one who has been working for years and years to come. Instead, we are hearing this from Paris Bennett, the vivacious, bubbly twenty-three year old who stole all of our hearts on the fifth season of American Idol. Since her appearance on American Idol, the Atlanta native has been busy with singing, acting, community service, school, and being a mother. I was able to talk with Paris recently in order to figure out how she manages to keep her busy lifestyle under control and what we should expect from her in the future.

Paris Bennett’s stardom should not come to anyone surprise as talent runs deep in her family. Her grandmother is Ann Nesby, former lead singer of Sounds of Blackness. Her mother, Jamecia Bennett, wrote songs for artists like Usher and Janet Jackson to name a few. Being around the business since birth, Paris decided that she was going to take a different route in her personal career. “I wanted to be a doctor. I was working on becoming a gynecologist when my grandfather persuaded me to audition. I decided to just try it out.” As she went on to audition in Greensboro, she wowed the judges which led her to go deep into the competition, all the way into the top 10. Although she didn’t win American Idol, finishing in 5th place, Paris left a great impression on the American Idol judges as well as people in the music industry. The positive experience on Idol, as well as the fantastic reviews received from her fans and peers, put Paris at a crossroad on her future. “I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do after Idol, I was in limbo. I wanted to see what this life had to offer. I knew and saw some things being introduced by my grandma but now I was “Paris Bennett introduced””. Her time on Idol led to performing songs with the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Stevie Wonder. She also went on to perform in the production “Rent” in the Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Today, Paris is working on releasing her album. She is currently in the process of picking from her bevy of songs to be on her next album. “I have been recording for the last 1.5 years. I just wrapped up my 92nd song.  I am going to pick out 12 of my favorites and put the remaining 80 in my vault to be on a later album. You will not get cheated on the album because every song I create has a meaning. There’s a story behind them and you will be able to hear my pain, my sadness, my happy. People can relate more when they can feel emotions.” Paris knows a lot about relating to her audience, especially with the countless efforts she has made in the community. Paris has been a part of many canned food drives and toy for tots drives in her place of birth of Rockford, Illinois as well as in Milwaukee and Minnesota. One of her biggest community service events is the Heartland Camp, an annual event she does with former American Idol star Kimberly Locke in order to inform people more about Aids and the HIV virus. “I do a lot of events for the communities because there are a lot of things that people need to see and hear and I try to play a part in letting the message out.” The community is a big part of the foundation for raising children; personally important for Paris as she is doing the job of raising her three year old daughter, Egypt.

Aside from Paris countless work in the community, music, acting, and in the classroom as she is currently taking online classes, Paris is also a devoted mother who spends a lot of time with her bundle of joy. “I have mommy and me time with Egypt, I love her so much and I don’t want to miss many moments with her.” Egypt has the musical spirit in her as well, as Paris states; she enjoys singing songs from Beyonce and Nikki Minaj.

Paris is not looking to slow down any time soon. She says she has “2020 vision” meaning that she is living for the ten years to come. Within this time, she hopes to be doing more acting, hopefully for a Tyler Perry movie. She also wants to continue to be the positive role model for her daughter as well as the younger female fans that she has. We should have no worry about Paris keeping this promise as she is a big person of faith and she continues to stay in God, we should all be extremely blessed to have someone like Paris in our lives to look to for inspiration.

You can follow Paris Bennett on twitter @ParisBennett or be a fan of her page on Facebook. ”

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