Kent Faulcon Putting In Work

For me, staying in on a Friday night was never a bad thing. This was because I grew up watching TGIF, the famous block that came on ABC TV Friday nights. Urkel and Cooper were great ways of bringing in the weekend on a right note. Now, I have a new block of television to watch on Friday nights, this time on TBS as Tyler Perry has now taken control with his works, including the new series “For Better or Worse”, a spin-off from the his hit move, “Why Did I Get Married”. The show focuses on the characters Marcus and Angela Williams, respectively played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith. I was lucky to catch up with Kent Faulcon, who plays Richard in the series and talk about his journey to now, Tyler Perry, and what’s next for the star actor.

Kent is not a stranger to the world of acting. The North Carolina native got his start at the age of fourteen as a lead character on the show “Sparked”, which was part of the Saturday Morning Action Program in North Carolina. He stayed on the show for four years. After high school, he embarked on a new journey at the North Carolina School of the Arts, the same institute as Jada Pinkett Smith. He then went to Europe to study Shakespeare. After college, Kent went on to New York to fulfill his dream. Although he had to transition from a small town to a big city, Kent was ready for the challenges that New York had in store for him. “This was the life that I was signing up for,” shared Kent. “I didn’t know where the next pay check was going to come from. I may have to spend the night on somebody’s couch, but this is what I wanted to do.”  In New York, Kent prevailed through the industry, managing to find steady work, something that most actors have problems doing. This was done with appearances on “All My Children”, “Lincoln Heights”, “Die Hard with a Vengeance” and Men In Black.” His work in such programs have allowed Kent to embark on one of his biggest acting endeavors yet.

On Tyler Perry’s new series, “For Better or Worse”, Kent plays Richard Ellington, a former pro athlete who left his job in corporate America to go into business with Michael Jai White and Jason Olive’s characters. From the first few episodes, one can consider his character to be somewhat of a villain due to his relationship with Marcus’s ex wife Keisha, played by Kiki Haynes. No matter what role Kent has to play, he enjoys the experience of working closely with Tyler as well as the cast. “This has been a great show to be a part of,” he admitted. “Talk about a cast that fell in as a family from the jump. We come together to hang out and to catch up with one another.” Kent also enjoys the challenge that Tyler Perry brought with this show. Tyler Perry created this show with no laugh track creating a “dramedy”, which caused a huge riff from people who watch the show as they say they feel uncomfortable to laugh. “I know people been tweeting saying they don’t know when to laugh,” he explained, and went on to address their concern stating, “If it’s funny, laugh, if it’s not, don’t worry about it.” Kent is a strong follower of Tyler Perry and the direction that he is going. Kent says that he is not going to put his money against Tyler as he is always going to come out on top calling him the “Tebow” of the industry, and who can disagree with this assessment? The first season of the show has been thrilling and suspenseful making one wait anxiously for new episodes to commence.

If you can’t wait for the new episodes of “For Better or Worse” to air, you can check out Kent in some other works. His project “Sister’s Keeper” is amazing and he is also doing some guest spots on a variety ofnew series from “Common Law” starring Michael Ealy to “Family Time” starring Omar Gooding and Monica Calhoun. You can stay up to date with Ken’t schedule by keeping in touch with him via Twitter @KentFaulcon.


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