Terrence “GodFrame” Ford: Speaks About Real Life, Real Music and Real God.

He is a new artist reaping the Gospel scene. Down to earth, transparent, gifted, anointed and appointed. With fresh, uplifting music that will minister to your spirit! I had a moment to speak with Terrence “GodFrame” Ford.

Terrence L. Ford is a native from Oakland, CA, but grew up in Batesville, AR. where he currently resides.  A young man on the move for God that’s full of life, Terrence understands his calling and purpose. He is a full-time student and Head Drum Major at University of Central Arkansas (UCA).  Youth Pastor, singer, rapper, producer, are some of the many hats worn by Terrence L. Ford otherwise known as “GodFrame”. With all of the gifts and talents Terrence possess, one wonders how he manages to do so many things and stay grounded and focus. His reply, “by praying, fasting, abiding and remaining in God’s Word, which is the fuel that keeps me going spiritually and knowing that I represent Jesus Christ.”

Terrence actively engages with a lot of people, mostly the youth. He keeps a level head by always maintaining a good attitude, good character and making God the center of his life. “I preach a lot to people and I’m trying to live right and be an example of what a man, a Godly man and leader should be.”

As a young child Terrence loved music. He started writing and producing music in Jr. High School but became serious in his walk with God (and his music) while in his sophomore year of college. He experienced a true transformation and was set free from bondage.  Terrence was filled with overwhelming joy of the change that took place in his life, that it led him to change his stage name to “GodFrame” The name came about through prayer and reading of God’s word. The scripture that spoke to his heart was Matt; 16:24 (which speaks about true servant hood). He tells AWP “I wanted a name that stands out and solidify the change in me. In order to be a true servant of Christ and in order to follow him you have to take up the cross, deny self and go all in.”  Terrence truly understands his walk with Christ and further expresses his gratitude. “Since you’ve done so much for me I’m going to dedicate my life to you. My whole life has become a picture depicting who Christ is and my life is not my own frame but its God’s frame.”

Terrence has a sincere heart for creating music that is real and intentionally lives what he rap, sings and writes. He meets a lot of people in the music industry that live different lives.  “My slogan is Real Life, Real Music, and Real God. I’ve come across rappers, singers and anyone that says they’re in gospel music” he states. ” I’ve encountered many different people, phony and all types. He further adds, “I want people to understand what I’m saying and not wonder if I’m a Christian and that I also experience real life stuff. I’m no different from anyone else.  I allow Jesus to run my life.”  Terrence ministers mainly to the young audience, in hopes that they capture the true essence of his music.  He reaches them through being transparent about his own life and conveying to them about overcoming challenges, issues and trials.  “I want them to know that what they’re facing now and the issues that they’re having is part of life and that there are others that have gone through some of the same things and they’re not alone.  I want them to grasp the real element of my music and be transformed.”

Terrence is inspired by a wide spectrum of artists and different genres of music…Such as CCM Movement (Contemporary Christian Music), Hillsong, Rap Artists:  Lecrae, Shachah, The Truth, Tadashii, Trip Lee, etc.  “I’m inspired by artists that are real about what they sing and stay true to God’s purpose for their life.” Terrence presently has recorded two CDs: “Freedom” and “You Are Infinite.”

Terrence receives a lot of positive feedback via Facebook and Twitter.  His music delivers a strong message of God’s Word, victorious living, God’s love and freedom.  Terrence adds, “People say they have been changed or influenced by my music. Some write me personally and say that what I did for them through my music is amazing!  That makes what I’m doing worthwhile, makes my life better and gives me the drive to continue doing what I’m doing.”  Terrence advises and encourages others and those that are in the music industry that, “We have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb through our testimony. First of all, don’t be afraid to tell people what you’ve been through and with that you have to use wisdom. It has to be in God’s timing.  But you can’t please everybody because there are too many people in the world. All you can do is be who you are and be honest and stay true to your music and your call.”

Terrence has a lot of exciting plans for the future. His focus is more so on graduating from the University of Central Arkansas in May 2012 with a BA degree in Music.  He is also writing his next album and hopes for a release by summer 2012. ”I’m going to continue to do what God has me to do now and prayerfully stay in the youth ministry and go as far as God will allow me because I want to reach millions of people. I plan on being big in this music for God!”

To stay connected to Terrence “GodFrame” Ford follow him on:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube @GodFrame.  Website: www.GodFrameMusic.com

His latest album “You Are Infinite” is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and his website.



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    Amen, young man!


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